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reconnaissance system. He died on the spot, and the remains of his soul were sacrificed with blood.

A person with a great fortune who plays a major supporting role in human beings died and was sacrificed by blood. This is completely equivalent to the intensity of blood sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of creatures. The blood sacrifice process on the entire earth is still continuing, and a large number of blood sacrifices were made by those alien races in their hands. Human beings were captured, and the resulting human destiny was also sucked into the blood sacrifice, and the seal was loosened.
At this critical moment, Pei Jiao was really shocked and angry, but he really couldn’t imagine that the whole earth was really too big for him. Don’t think he could blow up Jupiter with one blow on the moon, but at that time What state? When the saint was armed, he could be said to have been able to kill ordinary powerful demons at that time, but what about him now? After absorbing the incomplete souls of the black dragons in the Ancestral Dragon Palace, he can only be regarded as an intermediate demon king. He can barely use the light of the soul freely. The entire earth is really too big for him.
How could he alone be able to stop the blood sacrifice on the entire earth? Moreover, he had roughly guessed who was the liaison behind this alien operation. Who else could it be besides Xihe?
Xihe, Zhu Jiuyin, Gua, these three alien races can be said to be the most senior alien races in this negative multiverse. The so-called hundreds of ancient races are just descendants of some races among the prehistoric races, and these three But they are the super strong men of the authentic prehistoric tribes. Their prestige and strength are sufficient. Now that Zhu Jiuyin has died and Quai has disappeared without a trace, only Xihe has the prestige and combat power to summon all tribes. , it was she who planned all this behind the scenes!
“Damn it! They want to drag humans into hell. How can they be allowed to do this?!” Pei Jiao was simply shocked and angry. He really didn’t know what to do. What made him even more depressed was that , there was one person who could analyze all this for him, and that was Valkyrie, but unfortunately, God knows what happened inside the moon. Valkyrie’s soul body was still fine, but she fell into a deep sleep. , it feels as if consciousness and thinking have been frozen.
Pei Jiao was absolutely certain that this was Arthas Menethil’s good deed. Only this woman had the ability to freeze soul consciousness and thinking. Moreover, she seemed to have the motive to do this. There is a stunning beauty from the giant tribe, and the beauty goddess Freya was also frozen in her mind.
“Can I interpret this as jealousy?” Pei Jiao was really angry and funny. Just when he needed Valkyrie’s help the most, he happened to be tricked by his wife Arthas Menethil from his previous life. Together, what is this?
/“What if it was me in the previous life, what should I do now?”
Pei Jiao walked up and down the bridge of the m