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an train for a long time. Becoming a spirit that survives after death, like the Knights of the Round Table that once existed in England, can be called the Holy Spirit.

It can be said that Novi Tyrone’s childhood was spent in a ridiculously boring situation, but because his qualifications were indeed very good, when he was about twenty years old, he had already completed With the complete set of knight training methods, as soon as he dies, he can immediately get rid of his sins and become a living Holy Spirit.
It was under such circumstances that Novi Tyrone’s family directly decided to let him die, which was a kind of self-sacrifice in an ancient knightly ritual. Then he became a senior escaper, and because of his talent and the family’s With his financial resources and the simplicity he had trained since childhood, he became a true demon-level strongman in his twenties, and his true intention is determined. His true intention can be explained by never looking back.
/The first time he met her was in a bar.
She, Ronis, is not a noble, she is just an ordinary OL, and she is a new career girl who has just entered the workplace.
Because she had just entered the workplace, she did not graduate from a prestigious university, and she did not have many connections. Ronis’ life was not very satisfactory. Her appearance was very sweet, and she had a kind of natural charm, and her figure was unparalleled. With her like this, there are naturally many people pursuing her, and even the boss where she works is trying to pursue her even though the boss is over fifty years old and his children are older than her.
Ronis doesn’t want to rely on her beauty. She is a high-spirited woman who hopes to make a career through her talents. However, the world is so cruel. For an ordinary new career woman, where What achievements could be made so easily? Unless she sells her appearance, and even if she sells her appearance, it may just be a plaything to get more money. If she really wants to make achievements, she will have to wait for another ten years just to survive the qualifications.
It was under such circumstances that Novi Tyrone met Ronis. At that time, Ronis’s boss was stalking her in the bar, and the company where Ronis’s boss worked happened to be Novi. It is one of the industries owned by the Vitalon family, so this boss naturally recognized the young master Novi Tairone, and he immediately greeted Novi Tairone warmly and respectfully. Tyrone.
At that time, Ronis felt something keenly. She didn’t know who the man in front of her was, but as smart as she was, she could easily guess that the man in front of her was probably in a high position, or that his family was rich and powerful. At that time, Ronis was troubled by her boss and couldn’t refuse clearly. At this time, she made a decision to use the man in front of her to stop her boss’s thoughts, so she and Novi… #183; Tyrone started chatting
/Feelings are always two-way. How much you gain is destined to lose. Two people got to know each other without knowing it, and then d