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e Legend of Heaven and Dragon Sword”.

Just when netizens were discussing this matter, the official Shaolin Temple account of Blue Star Qinzhou suddenly went crazy:
“Qinzhou Shaolin Temple sincerely invites Master Chu Kuang to come and visit for free, and the abbot of the temple is willing to host you throughout the whole journey!”
Huashan followed closely: “Huashan sincerely invites Teacher Chu Kuang to come to Huashan as a guest. You are our most anticipated and most distinguished guest!”
And then!
Wudang Mountain!
Kunlun Mountains!
Mount Emei!
Kongtong Mountain!
Several major scenic spots actually sent invitations to Chu Kuang as a guest one after another!
With the mention of the six major sects in “Eternal Heaven and Sword of the Dragon”, the “six major sects” in reality actually extended an olive branch to Chu Kuang, which shocked netizens from all over the world!
“These scenic spots are so real. When I saw their role in “The Legend of Heaven and Dragon Sword”, I couldn’t wait to invite them!”
“Let me tell you, the old thief is really awesome!”
“Writing martial arts novels can impact the tourism industry of major scenic spots in Blue Star. Who else can do this except Chu Kuang, the old thief?”
“These scenic spots probably want to worship Chu Kuang as a god now!”
“The Kunlun Mountains are here. Obviously the novel just mentioned that the Kunlun Sect is one of the six major sects.”
“Just mentioning it is enough to make them happy. If anyone can really invite the old thief Chu Kuang, the publicity effect will be absolutely amazing. If the old thief can be served comfortably again, the old thief will give them more in the novel when he is happy. If you do some publicity, the effect is almost predictable. Huashan just got a big deal before!”
“There are still a lot of people going to Huashan now!”
“The most popular scenic spots after the release of this novel seem to be Mount Emei and Mount Wudang. The former is because of Guo Xiang, and the latter is because of the male protagonists Zhang Sanfeng and Zhang Cuishan.”
Netizens guessed it right.
These scenic spots all have similar ideas!
/It’s just that netizens don’t know that these scenic spots are secretly competing with each other at this moment!
Shaolin Temple.
Some people are dissatisfied.
“We were the first to invite Chu Kuang as a guest, but several other scenic spots actually imitated and copied us. It’s shameless!”
“that is!”
“These small sects, didn’t you see that the opening scene of “The Legend of Heaven and Dragon Sword” is about our Shaolin Temple!?”
“Not only them, some other Shaolin temples are also ready to make a move. After all, Blue Star not only has Shaolin temples in our Qinzhou.”
“We are the authentic one, because Chu Kuang is from Qinzhou, so the Shaolin Temple he wrote about must be Qinzhou Shaolin!”
Employees are excited.
“Why didn’t we think of inviting Chu Kuang as a guest before? He wrote about Huashan Swordsmanship in Shooting Condors. If we invite him here, we will de