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order of appearance.

What a loss.
Everyone was talking about King Lanling, so the magician’s song was basically not listened to.
Only the relatively calm judges affirmed the magician’s singing.
The program ends here.
But the subsequent impact of this program has been explosive!
Starry Sky Online.
This show called “The Masked Singer” has a rating of 9.7!
“One of the best music programs ever!”
What follows are countless short reviews.
“The performance exceeded expectations, Tan Kai is really strong!”
“There are many strong people out there. Those who don’t have any real ability can’t even get around. The most amazing one is King Lanling!”
“The white swan’s strength crushed the whole audience, Lanling King Kai Rui!”
“The male and female voices are really amazing. I hope Lanling King will continue to play like this in the next show!”
“The robot’s cliffs hide its strength. I am a musician, and I can tell that the robot has a few high notes.”
“Little Piggy Qiqi is still pretending. If it weren’t for Lu Yumeng, I would stand on my head and eat shit!”
“I’m cheating on food and drink again.”
“Except for Piggy Qiqi, we can’t guess the others, just like we didn’t expect that the magician turned out to be Tan Kai!”
“Prince Lanling is so awesome. I don’t just mean the singing, but also the comment of Prince Lanling. He said that the robot is the king of singers!”
“The conclusion of King Lanling and Father Yang is correct. The robot is indeed the king of singers. The robot himself hinted it!”
“Indeed, overall, the robot is the king of singers and has not run away. King Lanling predicts that he will directly stand shoulder to shoulder with Father Yang!”
It’s one thing to catch fire before it’s broadcast.
But whether it can be popular is another matter.
If “The King of Masked Singer” does not meet the audience’s expectations, it will be useless no matter how exaggerated the scenes are.
In the final analysis, it still depends on the specific effect.
/And now, the effect is coming.
Countless discussions!
The hot search lists on platforms such as tribes and blogs fell directly!
# Masked Singer Broadcast#
#元IXi was criticized#
#LANLING王Is he a boy or a girl#
The top ten on the hot search list were directly taken by “The Masked Singer”, the legendary all-round domination mode with no blind spots!
As can be seen from hot searches
There are the most discussions about King Lanling!
I offer my knees to the big guys every day. I will continue to write dirty articles. Please continue with your monthly votes. There will be more to come!
The reason why the audience will discuss Lanling King so enthusiastically is not only because of Lanling King’s amazing performance singing male and female voices alone, but also because of Lanling King’s off-field performance.
/Features of his variety show Black Hole.
The style of painting was so interesting. The other singers and assistant manage