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a contemptuous look, and continued: “I’m afraid this idiot hasn’t realized yet. His performance has made you the leader of all those who want to remain neutral. In addition, With your previous power, if I die, the position of boss will undoubtedly belong to you.”

“But I’m surprised that such a strategy can hide this rude idiot, but it certainly can’t hide it from the staff around him, unless – this staff is already under your control.”
/This simple sentence made the originally menacing Evil Bill startled, and the staff beside him immediately turned pale, because he knew the temper of the idiot next to him very well.
At this moment, he wanted to shout loudly: “I am not controlled by anyone! I just want to use the trick to make the gang legitimately split into two parts. In this way, I will be more important than now!”
But as soon as he opened his mouth, a gunshot rang out from the opposite camp, and the shooter was a man standing behind Jason.
/The sound of the gunshot seemed to be a signal, and the two groups of men who seemed to be at war with each other immediately started shooting at each other.
There was no doubt that the people on Jason’s side had an advantage in the warehouse, both in terms of numbers and positions, so after a round of gun battle, the five people in the middle were all covered in bullet holes.
The gun battle in the warehouse ended with Evil Bill’s defeat, but the men arranged by Evil Bill were not showy.
With the sound of a cannon, the people around Jason fell down. Jason himself also took two bullets. When he fell to the ground, he saw the man who had fired just now, his face covered with bullets. Looked at him helplessly.
“Why did you betray me?” Jason asked angrily.
The person may have stammered out of fear or guilt: “I’m sorry, I can’t help it. My family and I are all controlled by the boss. If I don’t do this, my family will He was tied up and stuffed into the sewer and eaten alive by giant rats.”
“This was originally your method.” Xia Long’s voice suddenly appeared in Jason’s ears: “I never like to use such dirty methods, but I never mind using other people’s methods to deal with him. .”
“I really have nothing to say. If you lose, you lose.”
Jason lay on the ground and said with a wry smile: “This world is unfair. Some people are really lucky. Just by picking up a woman, they can have everything. I have been following you for so long, but in the end I was beaten by you.” Kick it away, I won’t accept it.”
Jason’s voice full of resentment and displeasure echoed in the warehouse.
“Every loser will think that he is the most unfortunate person in the world. I’m afraid you don’t know that the person you are jealous of has much more money than me. He is not what you imagined at all. , my heir, he is my partner.”
“Whether you believe it or not, I originally planned to put the things you are in charge of now under your name in three years’ time.
“As for you, Jason, you are actually a stupid and greedy guy. You are stupid because you think I will step on you. Your vision is too