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keleton armor, the Soldiers Association can know everything that happened during the mission.

But it is also difficult to prevent some soldiers from sneak attacks, because the exoskeleton armor is not marked. As long as the signal on the body is blocked, soldiers can do whatever they want in the wild.
As Edith ran, she threw small devices on the ground. These were trigger devices. As long as there was abnormal activity, the alarm would be triggered so that she could detect it.
Her combat power is very weak, but she is the most indispensable member of the entire team.
Her speed suddenly slowed down. Inside her visor, a red scan result reminded her that there was an abnormal target ahead.
Edith gave instructions to the exoskeleton armor, and then soft pads appeared on the feet of her exoskeleton armor, which made her move silently.
She moved forward slowly and carefully, and at the same time released a small robot dog.
The robot dog is also wrapped in soft materials and moves silently.
“Captain, six ‘Tearing Flying Insects’ were found together, and the remaining ‘Tearing Flying Insects’ were not found!” Soon the robot dog in front sent back the picture, and Edith synchronized the picture to the team channel. , while reporting reports.
/“No. 4, make a good mark and continue the investigation!” Bliss replied in a deep voice.
“Roger that, Captain!” Edith replied softly.
“It seems that there is no mistake in the intelligence of this mission. After No. 4 finds the remaining ‘Tearing Flying Insects’, we will formulate a battle plan!” Bliss said in the channel.
“Captain, could the association’s mission information still be wrong?” David interjected and asked.
“No. 6, the Zerg, especially the extremely fast flying Zerg like the ‘Tearing Flying Insect’, is likely to change their stay location due to various reasons such as resources after staying in a certain place for a period of time, so the association’s The intelligence is not 100% accurate!” Bliss explained patiently.
“Captain, we found nine more ‘Tearing Flying Insects’ and I have marked them!” Edith’s voice appeared in the channel again.
At the same time, David also saw two locations appearing on the shared team map. The distance between the locations was about five kilometers.
This distance is too close for the ‘Tearing Flying Insect’. As long as one side is alerted, the other side will come to support in an instant.
Besides, even the smallest group of six ‘Tearing Flying Insects’ is not something this team can handle.
/David was a little curious about what the team would do next.
“No. 4, be careful. Start with the six ‘Tearing Flying Insects’. We will meet you at this marked point!” Bliss said in a deep voice.
On the shared team map, a mark was established three kilometers away from the six ‘Tearing Flying Insects’.
“No. 6, set off at full speed toward mark three immediately!” Bliss then issued an order to David.
“Yes, Captain!” David responded immediately.
He held a large shield and rushed towards the marked direction at a faster speed. He was the