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turn their backs to this side and wait for her to change clothes, or walk backwards? Then walk back a little bit and hand the dressing room over to her?

“Stay there, I’ll catch that sheep!” Liu Changan pressed the dressing room heavily to the ground and was about to find the sheep. There was no doubt that it was Zhu Juntang. Yan Qingcheng had probably finished her lesson. , she ran out to play.
“Stop!” Bai Hui suddenly grabbed Liu Changan with great force. She was almost furious. Does he know what happened just now? He actually left her on this deserted grassy hill to catch sheep!
A girl called Bai Hui and threw herself into his arms under such circumstances. After a few random scratches, he was going to catch the sheep?
Why is he going to catch sheep?
/Even if you get kicked by a sheep, you won’t be so angry that you throw away your female companions and go to catch the sheep, right?
At this time, the sheep with the plastic bag on its butt showed its head from the other side and looked this way. Liu Changan raised his leg and took two steps, but was still pulled by Bai Fen, and the sheep shook the bag. The butt of the plastic bag disappeared without a trace again.
“Next, are you going to shoot this set?” Liu Changan thought for a while, then forget it, and do the things he is doing well first, and don’t give up halfway. He can’t always have a cerebral hemorrhage whenever he sees Zhu Juntang, or use it against himself for anything else. The child is like an old father who can’t help himself.
“I can just put on my underwear and shoot.” Bai Hui said, pressing her chest. The light came from the side, making shadows blurry. She had to quickly put on her underwear to cover up.
Bai Hui went to change clothes in the dressing room. Liu Changan helped her hold the dressing room outside. He looked down and found that there was actually a sharp tip under the dressing room that could be inserted into the soil, so he circled around to help Bai Hui. Plug it in, so that if the wind comes again, the situation just now will not happen.
After taking the photos, Bai Hui asked someone to help move the equipment back, while Liu Changan went to catch Zhu Juntang, who had turned into a sheep again and was running around on the grassland.
In the resort building, Gao Shou was anxiously asking Zhong Qing for instructions. The third lady disappeared again. Zhong Qing said that she went out to play alone. Gao Shou was even more worried. How often did the third lady go out alone? Did this assistant Zhong become less concerned about the safety of the third lady after being promoted?
Zhongqing saw Liu Changan carrying four lamb legs and catching a sheep, so he patted Gao Shou on the shoulder and asked him to patrol the surrounding area at night and arrange security posts so that there was no need to worry about Zhu Juntang. Gao Shou then left with hesitation. open.
Liu Changan took Zhu Juntang back to her room. After Zhu Juntang returned to her human form and got dressed, he grabbed her head and asked, “Why did you put a plastic bag be