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the mortars of gunships, and the barrels were not long enough, they could not hit an altitude of more than a thousand meters. They could only be used to deal with low-altitude missiles. goal, but that’s enough.

Shots as dense as raindrops surrounded the two elves.
However, the speed of the two elf aerial riders was indeed too fast. This kind of diffusion was almost impossible to escape, but one of them actually escaped. The other, slightly slower, was struck by a hail of pellets.
Natural magic does not have strong protective magic, but these elves have turned themselves into wood before setting off, and their bodies have become harder than steel. And unless their heads are smashed or the wooden core in their chests is hit, they will not be able to survive for a while. will die.
Although the raindrops of shotguns seriously injured him, it was not fatal. But at this moment, his chest suddenly exploded, and the “ammunition” he was carrying was hit, causing an explosion.
With a desperate roar, the wood elf sky knight turned into a ball of fire.
He knew he was dead, but he didn’t intend to die in vain.
/During the day, Debreton Sky Knight taught them many things, one of which was to die with the enemy at the last moment of his life.
His body suddenly spread out and turned into vines dancing in the sky.
Having turned into a monster with countless tentacles, he flew towards the nearest battleship.
Another series of rapid gunshots sounded, and the shells cut off the vines that were dancing like tentacles, but in the end they did not stop the elf.
With a loud noise, the elf, who had reached the end of his life, crashed into the battleship and detonated the remaining ammunition on his body.
Such a heroic scene was witnessed by all the elves. The scout overfulfilled his mission, which not only completely exposed Debreton’s new weapon, but also allowed the elves to see a tragic but very effective attack method. .
The elves may have many shortcomings. They are stubborn, rigid, and self-righteous, but they are definitely not cowardly.
As a sharp whistle sounded, the elves raised their spears, and they rushed towards the opposite fleet like arrows.
They flew very high, because Beru’s military expert team had calculated that the height of the shot fired by the cylinders placed on the deck would be of no use to them as long as it exceeded this height.
On both wings of the Elf Corps, a small team of Elf Air Cavalry, like the two scouts just now, landed rapidly and then suddenly turned flat, sticking close to the water at lightning speed, towards the six newly added members of Debreton’s fleet. When a warship flies away, that is the biggest threat. Three of them are air cavalry ships, and the other three are the mortar gunboats that pose the greatest threat.
A fierce battle suddenly broke out off the coast of Cape Plenty.
Rumbling cannons came one after another, and large rains of bullets shot down the Elf Sky Knight flying close to the sea into the sea.
In the sky, the sky knights on both sides fought against each ot