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es, because their size is too small, it directly drags down the strength of their clones after their incarnation.

After all, they were just clones, not Wei Xiaobei’s true body.
/The next thing is to test the true strength of these clones.
And the method Wei Xiaobei adopted was very simple, the group competition!
More than fifty pieces of ice floe cut into only ten meters square serve as their arena. The competition format is one-on-one elimination, and the winner automatically enters the next round.
Well, this miniature version of the martial arts arena competition made Wei Xiaobei’s brows jump.
Perhaps due to the transformation of weapons, the battle between these clones was a bit too brutal.
As soon as they entered the ring, the two sides immediately entered a state of intense fighting. It was common for them to lose hands, legs and fight for their lives.
Due to the rapid intensity of the event, the game ended in less than ten minutes.
Wei Xiaobei didn’t expect that the weapon clone that finally won the championship was actually a bow!
Is this the so-called most powerful weapon, the bow?
But having said that, it seems reasonable for this bow to win the championship. The reason is very simple. When Wei Xiaobei was refining the bow, he matched it with an arrow. Therefore, when the object was transformed, the clone It is equivalent to having the strength of two clones.
But having said that, this is not of great significance to Wei Xiaobei’s research.
After all, while having the strength of two clones, this Gong clone also consumed twice as much of Wei Xiaobei’s strength.
The next top ten weapons are nine common weapons: knives, spears, axes, sticks, swords, spears, forks, clubs, and hammers.
After Wei Xiaobei excluded bows and arrows and arranged a round of rematch, the final top three were determined, swords, guns and swords!
And they won by defeating their opponents with a large advantage.
/This result actually shocked Wei Xiaobei.
But after careful study, Wei Xiaobei discovered that there was actually a reason why the three weapons, sword, gun and sword, could win. It seemed to be closely related to the fame of these three weapons.
The knife should be said to be the earliest cold weapon in human history. According to actual records, ancestors in ancient times used hard stones to make stone knives for dissecting and killing prey. In the Han Dynasty, after the sword officially became an army battlefield equipment, it has always been a necessary weapon for the regular army of ancient China because of its aggressive use.
Therefore, among the eighteen kinds of weapons called nine short and nine long, the sword is the first of the nine shorts. On the battlefield, those who are good at short-range weapons are all good at sword skills!
Compared with other weapons, it has developed the most types in history. In China’s less than 5,000 years ago, there were hundreds of types of knives, surpassing all other cold weapons.
To be precise, the spear should be transformed from the spear. Some people say that th