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Their reason is simple. There are still many Alazisese people who are busy shooting at the National Guard. So these seemingly honest Alazisese people may not really be honest. It is better to kill them directly and make themselves more reliable. Be safer.

After all, in such an environment, it is simply unsafe for a small number of soldiers to guard a large group of prisoners.
Of course, the actions of these soldiers also gained support for the hard-liners among the Alazisay people. Seeing their family members and relatives being shot and killed by the white soldiers without any resistance, most of the Alazisay people became red-eyed. .
Although the chaos still could not end in a short time, more Alazisai people participated in the battle.
In terms of firepower, the National Guard soldiers who are equipped with PIN-4S assault rifles as standard equipment absolutely beat these Alazisay men in terms of individual firepower.
You know, the PIN-4S assault rifle can directly launch grenades and provide artillery cover at close range.
However, the number of Alazisai people always exceeds that of the National Guard, so even though most of their weapons are shotguns, they are barely evenly matched with the National Guard.
Even some young people from the Alazisai people, holding javelins, rushed forward bravely, rushed into the group of National Guard soldiers, and beat up these guys who killed their families.
It has to be said that some of these young men look relatively weak and are far less strong than those soldiers, but they seem to have more strength. A javelin can kill more than ten people in a row, and they can even be hit by a rifle at close range. A row of holes appeared, but they did not stop attacking, as if those bullets did not hit them.
At this time, Domiya felt like she was going crazy.
The scene before her was something she had never expected. She saw her father fall down after being shot in the head by a bullet, but her father’s death was only a small part of the disaster suffered by the Alazisay people. .
/In just over ten minutes of fighting, more than a thousand Alazisai people fell.
How is this going?
Doesn’t the United States advocate freedom of culture?
how so?
Domiya became even more frightened and frustrated when she saw the bloody scenes that were different from those in the books.
Soon, though, Hills caught her attention.
At this time, Hills was fighting with three soldiers. The javelin in his hand had penetrated the bodies of two soldiers, but another soldier raised his gun towards Hills.
“don’t want!”
Domya let out a hoarse scream, and no one could hear what she was screaming.
But what happened next was beyond Domia’s expectations.
A dazzling light flashed from the muzzle of the gun!
A stream of blood spurted from Hills’ body, but he didn’t pause at all. Then he gave the opponent a hard blow with the javelin in his hand, piercing the opponent’s neck.
Hills raised the javelin in his hand and shouted: “Great Quetzalcoatl! Your devout believers are here to praise you and sacri