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, took him aside, and whispered to each other.

The two women whispered. Lu Bei listened curiously and caught three key words.
Uncle Mo, the leader, the master.
Seeing Bai Jin getting more and more chatty and snickering from time to time, Lu Bei felt the contrast. He originally thought he was a fairy floating in the sky, but he never thought that he was inexplicably down to earth in some aspects.
I didn’t expect you to be such a senior sister.
Please keep it up!
/It’s a good thing to have hobbies, and there’s nothing wrong with liking gossip. Compared to the senior sister who doesn’t eat the fireworks of the world, Lu Bei feels that this one is more approachable at the moment.
Gossip not only makes people happy, but also enhances interpersonal relationships. It is the basis of integrity between people and the ladder of progress of human civilization.
Zhu Yan was getting more and more excited while chatting and gossiping. After exchanging her own plots with Bai Jin, she was still unsatisfied and decided to open a private room to chat with her good senior sister all night long.
Lu Bei followed the servant to the guest room. Bai Jin thought for a moment and felt that he would not waste much time if he stayed for one night today and rushed on the road tomorrow morning, so he gladly accepted Zhu Yan’s invitation and stayed in the Wei Mansion.
last night.
Lu Bei was not interested in the gossip of the two senior sisters. He was thinking about going out to see if there were any tasks to get, so he excused himself to wander around to gain experience. However, Bai Jin decisively rejected it and detained him in the study.
The outside world is very dangerous. What if we bump into each other and break the head of a top cultivator?
The study room is still safe, and reading more books is beneficial!
Lu Bei felt that his small arms could not twist his senior sister’s long legs, so he went to the study to pick it up. Wei Mao and Zhu Yan both had great cultivation skills, so there was a high possibility that there was a secret book hidden in their home. With his luck, he might be able to pick it up. You can find one on the bookshelf.
Unable to pick up the peerless secret book, Lu Bei’s interest was aroused by an elixir book. The book contained the formulas and refining processes of more than ten different elixirs, as well as two kinds of handwriting annotations.
This time, Lu Bei behaved and did not try to test his qualifications. He directly opened his personal panel to check the new news.
[You have come into contact with the [Qiling Pill] prescription. Did you spend 10 skill points to learn it? ]
[You have come into contact with the [Blood Replenishing Pill] recipe. Did you spend 20 skill points to learn it? ]
/[You have come into contact with the [Yunqi Pill] recipe. Do you want to spend 20 skill points to learn it? ]
[Have you come into contact with the [Hemostatic Pill] prescription, have you
“This recipe”
Lu Bei raised his brows and vaguely thought of some possibility: “If I remember correctly, Senior S