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was in a life-and-death crisis.

Although the Monkey God is at the five-star level, his body’s recovery power is naturally very powerful, but if he is hit by the Bull Demon King again, penetrates his body again, and is poured into a large amount of dark and destructive flames, this Monkey God may have no way out. .
So the monkey god roared angrily, strong winds surged all over his body, golden light shone, and he suddenly turned into a golden giant ape, and a wave of air spurted out from its mouth. Perhaps it was because of defects in the horns of the bull demon king, which shocked the spreading yellow ape. The light spurted for a moment, and while the yellow light was for a moment, the monkey god actually escaped from the yellow light!
Of course, the Monkey God finally escaped from the yellow light, so he naturally would not give up the opportunity to fight back against the Bull Demon King.
The monkey god jumped up high, with a body like a mountain peak, and the giant stick in his hand danced like a sunflower. In an instant, he slammed down on the Bull Demon King from the side!
As for the charging Bull Demon King, it was too difficult to dodge when faced with the Monkey God’s attack. However, this Bull Demon King was not a good person either. When the giant stick hit him, he swung the bull’s head hard and faced him in shock. They bumped into the monkey god and planned to die together.
/With the Monkey God’s position at this time, it is not difficult to avoid the Bull Demon King’s attack, but after avoiding it, this round of attacks will naturally fail.
But the Monkey God was cruel enough to him, and he did not dodge the attack of the Bull Demon King. You can come if you want, but before that, I will smash you down first!
When the Bull Demon King hit him, the Monkey God roared loudly, and the stick hit him faster, even causing the space around the giant stick to appear with traces of space cracks!
/Just as the stick hit the Bull Demon King, the Horns of the Bull Demon King also hit the Monkey God!
The stick staggered the Bull Demon King, and his huge body sank, with a large dent in the place where the stick hit him. You could clearly hear the sound of the cone breaking on his back.
And the horn of the Bull Demon King also penetrated the Monkey God again!
But this is not the end of the battle!
Even though both sides were severely damaged, they had no intention of stopping the war.
The Monkey God, whose chest was pierced by the bull’s horn, raised his stick again and smashed it down towards the Bull Demon King!
This time, a dazzling red light appeared on the stick, and a terrifying tornado surrounded it, making the stick seem to be in countless whirlpools, looking extremely scary!
Seeing this scene, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but frown. He could feel the rules of the wind from the tornado surrounding the stick!
Of course, the rules of this kind of wind are somewhat different from the rules of the wind that he has mastered, but in Wei Xiaobei’s opinion, it is much stronger!
Just by raising the giant