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ful being at the five-star level, but now that Master Qingniu is gradually recovering from his injuries, Wei Xiaobei did not dare to use Master Qingniu’s omniscience to explore the biological level after entering Qingmu Paradise several times.

The five-star level is indeed completely different from the four-star or lower levels.
You know, Wei Xiaobei’s current omniscience has reached a level of terrifying detection effect.
But when exploring Amaterasu, rows of question marks still appeared.
This means that the All-Seeing One has not been able to fully see through Amaterasu, and the information he has obtained is only similar to that of Amaterasu’s clone.
But just what he could see made Wei Xiaobei feel the gap between the two sides.
Just as Wei Xiaobei was recalling the attribute table of Amaterasu’s clone, countless light spots appeared in front of Wei Xiaobei.
You know, this is in Amaterasu’s body, and it is filled with high-temperature gases emitting infinite light and heat. It can be said that this is the ocean of light!
The brightness of the light spots that Wei Xiaobei could see here was as imaginable.
/What is it?
There is no doubt that any change in Amaterasu’s body may be a terrifying blow from Amaterasu!
Although he was a little confused, Wei Xiaobei didn’t hesitate at all and rushed towards those light spots.
Perhaps in anticipation of Wei Xiaobei’s arrival, those light spots quickly gathered together.
Then one by one, semi-illusory figures appeared.
They are all light people!
The human figures formed by light spots had no facial features and looked extremely unreal, but they quickly started to move.
Stretching out his hands, a handful of weapons also formed by light points appeared.
A dull roar came out, and these light men waved their weapons and charged towards Wei Xiaobei.
Perhaps because they were composed of light spots, their speed was astonishingly fast. In an instant, before Wei Xiaobei could react, the weapons emitting light struck Wei Xiaobei.
In an instant, Wei Xiaobei was shocked to find that those bright weapons actually broke through his extremely tough skin and cut into his muscles!
/With a roar, the power tide in Wei Xiaobei’s body suddenly erupted. The force generated by the muscle squirming alone knocked away more than a dozen weapons that had cut into his body. At the same time, these weapons that were knocked away hit them in an instant. The masters, those light people.
What surprised Wei Xiaobei was that these light beings looked quite powerful, but they collapsed on their own just after being hit by weapons? ! !
I have to say that this scene was beyond Wei Xiaobei’s expectations.
According to the previous situation, the strength of these light people is very strong.
You know, Wei Xiaobei’s current defense is extremely strong.
As the golden runes in his body continued to shrink and increase, the toughness of Wei Xiaobei’s skin had reached an extremely terrifying level.
Even Wei Xiaobei himself found it difficult to penetrate his own skin with