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uding the gravel, building ruins, etc., are constantly disappearing.

By this time, Aoki Paradise’s engulfment of Gao Tianyuan was on track.
Next, this devouring speed will continue to increase over time.
As for how much Gao Tianyuan could be swallowed, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t calculate it.
But at this time, a whole day has passed!
In other words, there is only one whole day left for Aoki Paradise.
Wei Xiaobei could not interfere with the devouring process at this time, and the weapon clones sent by Wei Xiaobei to the top floor also began to return one after another at this time.
However, because Gao Tianyuan also accelerated the collapse at this time, the weapon clone may be in danger at any time during the return process.
In an instant, the weapon clone was cut into two pieces from head to tail, along with the thing it was holding on to!
This wasn’t the end yet. The next moment, the space crack suddenly opened and swallowed the weapon clone.
The weapon clone is completely dead!
Wei Xiaobei could feel this.
But what caused Wei Xiaobei’s heartache was what the weapon clone was holding on to!
You know, there’s a shimmering light emanating from that thing.
As for something that can actively emit such a shimmering light, it is only 30% worse. Although Wei Xiaobei did not throw the omniscience at it, he could probably judge by visual inspection that the treasure was at least a high-grade immortal treasure!
Name: Chiyang True Essence (Superior Immortal)
Introduction: This product is condensed from the essence of the sun and contains a large amount of the essence of the sun.
Effect 1: Taking this product can replenish strength consumption.
Effect 2: Taking this product has a chance to activate the fire bloodline.
Effect 3: After this substance is catalyzed, there is a chance that a wisp of purple gas will appear.
Effect 4: Taking this product will cause a burning effect within five years.
I have to say that this Chiyang True Essence can be called a top-quality treasure!
There is no doubt that for Wei Xiaobei, this Chiyang True Essence is like the blue bottle in the game, which can replenish Wei Xiaobei’s power consumption, which will greatly enhance Wei Xiaobei’s ability to continue fighting.
The other effects of this Chiyang True Essence look good, and even if they are given to a few of my disciples, they can get a lot of benefits.
Especially the purple energy that appears in effect three. Although there is no clear introduction, Wei Xiaobei can have a hunch that this thing may be a surprise.
/Of course, this thing is not without its disadvantages.
After taking this product, there will be a burning effect.
To put it bluntly, this effect means that the body will burn!
It can be seen that taking this thing for people who have not reached a certain level of strength is tantamount to committing suicide.
In the following time, the weapon clones who returned were holding something in their hands.
But most of the weapon clones were killed by the space rift on the way back.
In the end, Wei Xiaobei