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was far enough, the suction force had been weakened to the extreme by the time it reached here. It was difficult for even a small stone to be sucked in, let alone Wei Xiaobei.

But Wei Xiaobei didn’t think that this suction force was really very small.
In fact, within Wei Xiaobei’s field of vision, the situation in Antarctica is undergoing earth-shaking changes!
Firstly, countless pieces of very light air were quickly sucked away by the void. Secondly, the ice caps on the ground were constantly broken under the action of suction. The broken ice immediately rose into the air and flew towards the void. After reaching the void, it continued to shrink and shrink, and finally disappeared without a trace.
Seeing this scene, Wei Xiaobei became a little nervous.
Are you kidding me? If the space barrier gap here always exists, what kind of situation will happen?
First, the entire earth’s air will be sucked away by the void!
After all, the air is flowing. If the air in Antarctica is taken away, the surrounding air will flow towards Antarctica where the air pressure is very low. Then the previous conclusion will appear, and all living things on the earth will suffocate due to lack of air. !
Wei Xiaobei almost didn’t need air now, and with Qingmu Blessed Land as a fallback route, he was not afraid of this situation happening.
/But there was no way Wei Xiaobei could watch such a situation happen!
Besides, it’s not just the air that’s lost. Just look at the ice cap under the void.
It was completely like a huge vacuum cleaner or pulverizer with no upper power limit. The ice cap had been crushed almost completely, and a large area of ??land was exposed, and countless tiny cracks appeared.
If this trend continues, regardless of whether the air will become lighter or not, at least Antarctica will probably be sucked out of a big hole!
As a pole of the earth, if such a situation occurs, even Wei Xiaobei doesn’t know what will happen next.
But this is definitely not a good thing.
According to the amplification effect of the butterfly effect, if such a situation occurs in Antarctica, it is very likely to cause large-scale earthquakes and even various changes in other places!
Reaching the extreme, it is possible to have world-destroying effects.
As a result, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but become anxious when he saw this scene.
The Bull Demon King and the Monkey God exiled themselves into the void, but they left themselves a big disaster!
This must be stopped from happening!
Wei Xiaobei was suspended high in the sky outside Antarctica. The strong wind around him became more violent due to the suction effect of the void. If Wei Xiaobei’s feet didn’t seem to be rooted in the air, even he might have been blown away.
what to do?
Wei Xiaobei’s twelve minds were spinning rapidly, thinking of ways to prevent the disaster.
/What should I do if the space barrier is broken? Waiting online, urgent!
Well, if possible, Wei Xiaobei really wanted to post such a piece of information online.
But he also knew that even if he did