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ine where the soul of the demigod ‘Holy Spirit Knight’ is, he can be sure that the demigod ‘Holy Spirit Knight’ did indeed die.

Such an important believer will automatically notify the God of War once his life disappears.
“Arthur Luce is indeed capable. No wonder the ‘Mother Queen’ wants him so much!” The God of War said lightly.
The previous anger disappeared, and it was normal to pay some price for the ‘World Crystal’.
Compared with the ‘World Crystal’, the fall of an archbishop is not a big deal, just promoting another archbishop.
“It seems that there is finally something interesting in these boring days!” The God of War’s mood improved, and there was a rare excitement in his eyes.
The God of War suddenly became interested in playing games. The task of capturing Lord Arthur alive might be interesting.
In fact, the God of War has certain confidence in capturing Lord Arthur alive, but it just depends on the price paid.
If the God of War enters the divine world, then He can come directly in front of Lord Arthur. The price of doing so is that the God of War needs to take some risks.
/The God of War in the small world is an invincible existence. This invincibility means that no matter how great his losses are in the main world, as long as the small world is still there, he can continue to reappear in the main world and in every temple. , in every divine envoy, the divine means are displayed.
Back then, many powerful gods were dragged to death by the God of War. Therefore, the God of War would never physically appear in the main world at any time. That was his only weakness that could possibly be defeated.
Since it involves the secret transaction of the ‘World Crystal’, the God of War still has not informed the other four gods about the capture of Lord Arthur. In His opinion, the action of capturing Lord Arthur may become a Entertainment in His boring days.
The God of War has not designated the Archbishop of the War Temple. He will not interfere in such matters. The War Temple has its own way of operating, and the Archbishop needs to be selected by the War Temple itself.
Time is not an important thing to the gods. The ‘Mother Queen’ wants Lord Arthur to live. As long as Lord Arthur does not die of old age, it is within the time limit of the transaction.
Archbishop Guy used Lord Fred to set up a trap against Lord Arthur, but he was killed by Lord Arthur. Archbishop Guy fell, and the demigod “Holy Spirit Knight” took refuge with Lord Arthur. These news did not take long, and they were among the noble circles. spread.
Such a big thing happened inside the temple, and it was impossible to hide it from the priests. At that time, five fifth-level priests brought the body of Archbishop Guy back, and there were too many priests who saw it.
/With the death of Archbishop Guy, the War Temple was leaderless. The four bishops each had their own power, and they did not want to be blamed for concealing the death of Archbishop Guy.
When the clergy within the War Temple learned about the death of Archbishop Guy, then the e