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!” The ‘God of Storms’ stabilized his mood. He asked directly.

In addition to the statue in the Temple of Storms, there is also a statue of the ‘God of Storms’ in the headquarters of ‘Twilight of the Gods’, where he also has one of his divine thoughts.
/This is also the last statue of the ‘God of Storms’ left in the divine world. However, if you want to use that statue to rebuild your faith, you must get the support of other gods.
“‘God of Storms,’ since you want to use ‘Twilight of the Gods’ to rebuild your faith, you have to pay the price!” ‘God of Death’ glanced at ‘God of Storms’ and said first.
The ‘God of Storms’ glanced at the ‘God of Death’ gratefully, and he understood that the ‘God of Death’ was helping him.
The other gods have no obligation to help him rebuild his faith, especially when there are not many believers in all gods.
“The attack magic of the ‘God of Storms’ is very powerful. Rebuilding faith in Him will also increase our strength. This is not a problem, but when needed, the ‘God of Storms’ needs to exert more power!” ‘God of Fire’ He nodded and said.
The ‘God of Blood’ did not speak. He did not want to speak out words of opposition and completely offend the ‘God of Storms’ with the consent of the two gods, nor did he want to speak out words of support against his will.
“Yes, as long as the ‘God of Storms’ provides more power!” The ‘God of Fear’ thought for a while and nodded in agreement.
The ‘God of Storms’ exhaled a long breath. With the help of believers of these gods, his success rate in restoring his faith would be much higher.
“Going back to the question just now, Arthur Luce has a big grudge against me and the ‘God of Storms’, and we will not agree to cooperate with him!” ‘The God of Death’ then brought up the previous topic again.
“Yes, my followers and the temple were destroyed by Arthur Luce, and this revenge must be avenged!” ‘God of Storms’ followed.
The ‘God of Fire’ and the ‘God of Fear’ looked at each other helplessly. In their opinion, it was the best choice to join forces with Lord Arthur to deal with the five gods.
But both the ‘God of Death’ and the ‘God of Storms’ objected, which made it impossible for them to mention cooperation.
“‘God of Death’, ‘God of Storms’, before all the gods wake up, please don’t take the initiative to trouble Arthur Luce. After all the gods wake up, we will discuss how to deal with it!” ‘God of Fear’ We can only talk about it.
“Agree!” Although the ‘God of Death’ was unwilling, he also knew that it was impossible to go to Lord Arthur at this time.
Even if he wanted to find Lord Arthur, he didn’t have the combat power to deal with Lord Arthur.
“I want to thank the ‘God of Death’ for choosing the most appropriate time to wake us up, and also ask the ‘God of Death’ to tell us about our future plans!” the ‘God of Fear’ continued.
“I suggest that the latest action is to provoke the conflict between the nobles and the temple, so that the two sides will have more and more hatred, and make the two sides completely break up. Only then will w