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, they still carried out the order.

The sword light crosses the triangle, two handles are on the side, one handle is first, the sword light is cleansing with murderous intent, and the woman who is full of fiery body can’t help but feel a bit of coolness.
/Lian Lin conscientiously completed the task assigned by Lu Bei, facing the woman with a sword, and using the power of the sword formation, the sword light solidified an invisible prison layer.
“My friend, you came at the right time. Zhu is only one step away from capturing this animal.” Zhu Jingli came to Lu Bei’s side, raised his hand and lit the bronze mirror, adding a ray of blue light to the invisible prison.
The span of your step is a bit big, and the timeline will not be set until next year.
Lu Bei complained in his heart. Since the other party was Zhu Qilan’s great-great-grandfather, he couldn’t say it in person, so he nodded to express his willingness to help.
According to his point of view, there are many people on our side and it is a home battle, so we should go together shoulder to shoulder. There is no need to talk about morals with outsiders.
At that time, Lian Lin and Zhu Jingli, exactly four people, held down the woman’s hands and feet respectively, and he, Lu, was responsible for the final blow.
Except for the poor painting style, the plan was quite perfect, so Zhu Jingli refused.
After all, he was a man who had been an emperor, and he couldn’t pull off that old face, saying that the hard work for several days had consumed a lot of money, and the main attack was weak, so he was willing to hold the battle for Lu Bei.
Lu Bei decisively accepted the proposal, not wanting the experience gained in vain. With a wave of his big hand, Lian Lin and the others surrounded him. He held a sword and fist in his hand, always ready for the final blow.
Among the three sword cultivators, Lian Lin is the most advanced, a little better than Zhan Lexian, and about the same level as Lu Zhou.
But in a real fight, Lian Lin might not be a match for Zhan Lexian without the blessing of the Nine Swords.
Liu Xun and Gao Jianmu were even worse. They were elders whose cultivation was not up to the level of Nine Swords. They could barely compete with Mei Wangsu, and they were in the middle of the Fusion Stage monks.
Not enough compared to the top, but more than enough than the bottom.
The three of them joined forces, with Lian Lin as the leader, and they fought back and forth. However, as the woman’s martial arts will became stronger and stronger as she fought, Liu Xun and Gao Jianmu were soon kicked out of the field, and Lian Lin and the woman fought. There has to be a return.
A draw is not terrible, being absent is embarrassing.
Faced with Lu Bei’s disgusted look, Liu Xun and Gao Jianmu blushed and wished they could get in directly.
“If we hadn’t slept for many years, we wouldn’t be that much inferior to her.”
“Crimes other than war!”
“Ah, yes, yes.”
Facing the two people’s quibbling, Lu Bei was very polite and spoke up. He stepped out to the center of the ba