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ffects are in a sealed state.

Wei Xiaobei also knew that if this were not the case, then there would be no chance for any witch to occupy it!
As long as there is a virtuous monk presiding over it and activating these effects, if the witch dares to come close, she will be transformed into a monk immediately and become a little nun sitting on a futon and beating wooden fish.
And the subsequent effects of enlightening magical powers, establishing fruition, crossing the void, condensing merit, etc. are even more miraculous.
/To be honest, if they weren’t all sealed, Wei Xiaobei would really have the urge to study it.
In any case, many of the effects of the Great Tianlong Temple were sealed, which also saved Wei Xiaobei from the possibility of being forced to become a monk after entering the Great Tianlong Temple.
At this moment, Wei Xiaobei didn’t think any more. Light and heat suddenly emitted from his body, turning his whole body into a blazing sun!
Under the extremely hot light and heat, the bodies of the iron and stone monsters that became increasingly crazier quickly turned red, then softened, and finally turned into a pool of red molten iron and fell to the ground.
Of course, in this gray world, the radius of light and heat released by Wei Xiaobei is weaker than reality, and the coverage radius is only about a hundred meters.
But even so, the iron and stone monsters around were quickly cleared away.
So when Wei Xiaobei began to stride towards the bronze temple, there were not many iron and stone monsters left around him.
Well, they probably found that the iron and stone monsters were completely unable to resist Wei Xiaobei’s light and heat, so the red stone tower gave up driving the iron and stone monsters to continue attacking Wei Xiaobei. This caused the iron and stone monsters to quickly escape from Wei Xiaobei after losing control.
No way, most of these iron and stone monsters are small in size and relatively weak in strength. After waking up, they were shocked to find that there was a terrifying sun not far away from them, and they dared to stop there.
/At this time, Wei Xiaobei was less than 500 meters away from the Great Tianlong Temple, but Wei Xiaobei would not be so reckless. After taking out the Sun Divine Spear, he transformed it into the Sun Divine Bow.
From a distance of several hundred meters, Wei Xiaobei placed an alloy arrow on the bowstring and drew the bow!
Even if Wei Xiaobei didn’t aim at a building like the Daitianlong Temple, it was impossible for Wei Xiaobei to miss the target.
Uh-huh! With a crisp sound, the alloy arrow came out of the string and shot towards the wall of Daitenryuji Temple in an instant!
Although the walls of Daitenryuji Temple are made of bronze, it is impossible to withstand the penetrating power of alloy arrows!
But when the alloy arrow turned into a stream of light and hit the courtyard wall in an instant, a golden Buddha light appeared on the courtyard wall, like a barrier, and Horror blocked the fast-flying arrow!
The arrow, which could directly penet