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his news will make all high-level Zerg people crazy, and even more Try your best to find that human being.

The ‘Mother Queen’ doesn’t care at all which Zerg gets the ‘Emperor’s Inheritance Pattern’, as long as it’s not a human who gets the ‘Emperor’s Inheritance Pattern’.
The ‘Mother Queen’ is exerting force, and the other six Zerg gods are also exerting force. Various Zerg with special talents such as special smell and tracking are sent out to track humans.
In their eyes, Lord Arthur is a treasure, a huge treasure with the ‘Emperor’s Inheritance Pattern’.
David was sitting on the back of the clone of the ‘Golden Winged Beetle King’, and he was flying towards the territory of the ‘Golden Winged Beetle King’.
On the way, David learned about the wanted “Mother Queen” through the Zerg contact network of the “Gold-winged Beetle King” clone.
To be honest, he is not afraid of being wanted in the Zerg world, because the combat power gathered around him, coupled with the innate ability of ‘space coordinates’, gives him the ability to attack and evacuate.
But David also needs to consider the tracking of the Zerg. The human aura is too obvious in the Zerg world. Perhaps for most of the Zerg, this aura is not enough to track him.
But the mutated Zerg with special tracking talents are not included in this list. In David’s own ‘artifact space card’ training space, Xiaobai has such an ability.
When it comes to tracking, as long as there is a life that has stayed somewhere, Xiaobai can find the target and keep tracking it.
David didn’t want to expose the ‘Zerg World Safe Point’ because of his carelessness. He didn’t even want to expose the territory of the ‘Golden Winged Beetle King’ clone.
David decided to return to the divine world to avoid the limelight. Today’s Zerg world is all crazy. You can know this from the Zerg contact network. He needs to wait until the Zerg world calms down before coming back.
Thinking of this, David did not hesitate. He opened the space wormhole leading to the ‘safe point of the divine world’ and took away five demigod clones, the black dragon Alexis, and the ‘Golden Winged Beetle King’. ‘The clones separated.
/The clone of the ‘Golden Winged Beetle King’ continued to fly towards the territory, but without David’s constant use of the ‘Breaking Sky’ talent, the speed of the journey dropped significantly.
Just when David put the five demigod clones into the ‘Artifact Space Card’ and got into the space wormhole, the remaining seven Zerg gods in the Zerg world discovered the changes in the ‘Emperor’s inheritance pattern’ .
“How did this human being enter and exit the Zerg world?” the ‘Mother Queen’ said to herself in confusion.
You must know that there are not many ways to leave the Zerg world. On the surface, there are battle stars and the space gate of the divine world.
The Battle Star side is personally monitored by the ‘Mother Queen’. It is impossible for Lord Arthur to leave from this side. On the other side of the space gate, the ‘Electric Scorpion Emperor’ is already defending there,