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no need to explain, I don’t understand.”

Lian Lin smiled honestly and shrewdly: “Sect Master, you didn’t take me and other disciples to the battle at the Bulao Mountain. We all didn’t serve the sect. It’s a big regret in our lives. We come here every time we want to.”
“Tell the important point.”
“Reporting to the sect master, this disciple heard that you were having a sword fight with the previous sect master Tianjian Peak. He was itchy and shameless and came here to ask the sect master for some advice.” Lian Lin said cheerfully.
That’s it?
At night, you secretly ambush at the door of the sect master’s house, just to get beaten?
That’s right, this is the script that sword cultivators should have. Zhan Hongqu is obviously trapped by love.
Lu Bei nodded secretly: “What’s the problem? Just put it out there. Tomorrow, the master of the sect will personally give instructions on the sword’s intention. Anyone who is in the fusion realm, no, anyone in the Void Refining Realm can sign up and queue up. It’s first come, first served. If it’s late, Don’t wait.”
“Thank you, Master, for giving me the sword.”
Lian Lin was overjoyed and left the quiet room. While spreading the news about tomorrow’s sword competition, he also spread the rumors according to Lu Bei’s wishes.
With no one around to disturb you, this is the best time to study the Heavenly Book.
“It’s said to be a quiet room, but I’ve never been quiet.”
Lu Bei shook his head, fearing that another intruder would knock on the door. The black and white door behind him opened and he entered the small single room with the Shuangxuan Treasure Map.
A big wave of his hand.
There was a loud bang, the sky and the earth suddenly changed color, the black and white faded away, and there was chaos.
In the vast chaos, the earth, fire, water, and wind could not stop rolling. Suddenly, the sky changed again, and a simple character slowly took shape among the clear clouds and gentle wind.
This ‘Zhen’ is not the official script used by Wu Zhou, nor is it ancient Daxia script, nor is it some demon script.
The strange space is still changing. The earth, fire, water and wind have restarted, and the mountains and waters are green again. Stone monuments are rising from the ground. Roughly counting, there are hundreds of them.
Thank you for the gift of nature!
Lu Bei took a step forward, golden light crisscrossed the area, with a speed attribute of 100,000. His high-speed movement was comparable to teleportation, and he touched hundreds of stone tablets in the blink of an eye.
/The space restarted, the stone tablet faded away, and there was chaos again.
Lu Bei quickly opened his personal panel and checked his harvest.
The result made him extremely disappointed. The Heavenly Book was a fragment, and the words recorded on the stone tablet were also in pieces, far less complete than the word “Zhen”. The divine light is no longer there, the divine will is no longer there, the stored information is in pieces, not even a complete sentence can be found, no one know