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gainst each other and gradually became good friends. Especially after the corruption of Shinhwa, when Zhou Yun and other Xinxing Chaebol disciples were unfriendly to them, Wang Xuan helped them educate Zhou Yun and others.

Living together in Ancheng for more than a hundred years, Qi Liandao, Ghost Monk, Lao Zhong, Chen Yongjie, Zhou Qinghuang, and Gu Mingxi gathered from time to time in Huang Ming and Kong Yi’s banished immortal teahouse, reminiscing about the extraordinary scenes of the past and watching each other for a year. A year of aging.
Wang Xuan was in a good mood. In this new universe, he finally met an acquaintance from the home universe, which meant that others would also have the opportunity to find him and meet again one day.
“I hope you will live well.” He said to himself. What he was most afraid of and worried about was that something unpredictable would happen.
It is not surprising that Zhou Qinghuang has become an immortal now.
She, Kong Yi, Gu Mingxi, Cao Qingyu and others were originally the most famous young geniuses in the immortal world. Before they came to the world after being “knifeed”, they had surpassed the earthly immortals and were close to being health-preserving masters.
At the end of the myth, she was shocked again and again, knocking her down from the realm of Xiaoyaoyou, and finally even became a mortal.
After more than a hundred years of sinking, the body and mind have been tempered, the Taoism has been strengthened and then shattered, and the heart has gone through the tribulation in the torment. From a high-ranking fairy to a weak woman who is missed by the disciples of the plutocrats, to a peerless appearance that gradually grows old. Go, full of white hair.
In the later period, she didn’t even want to see Wang Xuan anymore and lived in seclusion with Gu Mingxi. Because her youth was gone and her youth was gone, she didn’t want her old appearance to be seen by acquaintances.
/Her experience is just a microcosm of the fall of immortals. If the world myth of the extraordinary center comes to an end in the future, it will also be extremely tragic. It is impossible for all ethnic groups and all extraordinary people to move away with the “center”.
However, Zhou Qinghuang was also lucky. In the 104th year after the extraordinary end of the parent universe, “Ancient and Modern” reappeared and a turning point occurred. It took away a generation of people who had experienced the peak of mythology and the lowest valley of extraordinary decay.
If it is determined that the time flow rate in the two universes is the same, it has been 201 years since Wang Xuan’s home universe came to an extraordinary end.
After a hundred years of sinking and training, and a hundred years of hard work to improve, as a genius who has experienced the different rules of the two universes, it is normal for Zhou Qinghuang to penetrate the health master and eventually become an immortal.
/“Golden years, record” the strange thing on the mobile phone said, unlocked itself, and floated out, so you had to cho