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that ordinary people could enjoy.

When Wei Xiaobei let go and pulled Huang Kun up, Huang Kun let out a long breath, with a sad face: “Brother Wei, anyone who marries you will definitely cry to death!”
“Why?” Wei Xiaobei couldn’t catch up with the brain teasers of the middle school boy for a while, and was using his clothes as a rag to wipe the sweat on his hands.
“How many times a day does this make even an Iron Man cry? Ouch!”
Before Huang Kun finished speaking, Wei Xiaobei understood. This kid actually dared to tease you, Brother Wei. He was looking for death. He hit Huang Kun on the head with a brain-shattering bullet, causing the little guy to scream in pain.
Fortunately, there was an escalator. Even if the zombies heard the noise, it would not be possible for them to climb up immediately.
“Brother Wei, if you keep knocking me stupid, I won’t have such a lovely apprentice.”
It must be said that Huang Kun’s mind was quick, and after a few words he said that he was Wei Xiaobei’s disciple.
It would be a blessing for him to have Wei Xiaobei as his disciple.
However, Huang Kun didn’t think clearly. How could he call his master his eldest brother?
“You brat, I’m looking for a beating.”
Wei Xiaobei is more optimistic about Huang Kun. In this gray world, with Huang Kun’s ability to adapt, he can not only get along like a fish in water, but at least he will not die early.
Huang Kun didn’t dare to speak after being struck by Wei Xiaobei.
But for a middle school boy, trying to silence him was one of the top ten tortures of the Qing Dynasty.
So not long after, Huang Kun licked his face carefully and approached Wei Xiaobei: “Brother Wei, what do you think the change in my body is? Is there any harm?”
Not stupid!
Wei Xiaobei did not hide anything from Huang Kun. He pointed to a broken cushion next to him. After he sat down, he told some things in the gray world. Of course, Wei Xiaobei did not tell him about the attribute panel. Yes, it just means that after killing monsters like zombies, your body will undergo some changes, becoming stronger, more powerful, faster, better in physical condition, etc.
In addition, some of the monsters encountered were introduced to Huang Kun.
Wei Xiaobei’s words made Huang Kun’s eyes sparkle.
There is no doubt that these words made Huang Kun have some wild ideas.
In fact, to sum up, this gray world should be regarded as a treasure house.
A treasure trove of strength!
As long as you can kill monsters, your strength will continue to grow, and you may even become a superman!
/If you are an adult who has gone through many hardships, you may still feel that saving your life is more important than strength and so on.
But for a middle-school boy who daydreams every day and dreams of becoming a hero who saves mankind and the earth, it is simply wonderful to be able to become stronger here.
As long as you have strong strength, when you return to reality, you can be Batman if you want to be Batman, Spider-Man if you want to be Spider-Man, or even the Flash.
/All in all, everything