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avorability, and weaken hostility, while obsessiveness can persuade, tease, reduce hostility, increase favorability, or increase anger of other creatures. As for mental induction, there is not much to say. It costs 500 At the same time of evolution, it has a certain mental impact on other creatures. To put it simply, it is similar to hallucinations.

Under the influence of these three powerful abilities, in the eyes of these soldiers and researchers, Wei Xiaobei has completely become everything to them, the most important person to them. No matter what Wei Xiaobei says, they are willing to obey him. Decide.
Soon, several scientific researchers entered a nearby operation room and operated the door of the launch silo.
/Well, you can’t go wrong with asking an expert if you have any questions.
If it were Wei Xiaobei, it would be necessary to use violence to dismantle the door, which would take a lot of time. But if it were those few scientific researchers, they would just enter a password, and the door, which is about ten meters high, would slow down on its own. Turn on.
/After asking the scientific researchers to close the left and right passage doors, Wei Xiaobei jumped into the launch silo.
To put it simply, this is a huge vertical hole about one hundred meters high, with the top sealed.
In its center, a missile about twenty meters high stood, and its surroundings were locked by mechanical arms extending from the cave wall.
Wei Xiaobei didn’t waste much time below, and then stepped on the air and rushed towards the missile.
Undoubtedly, it is not cost-effective to store the entire missile in a storage ring. Wei Xiaobei only needs the nuclear warhead at the top of the missile!
In fact, the size of this nuclear warhead is not small, with a diameter of more than three meters, but it looks a bit small and exquisite when placed on the top of the missile.
Wei Xiaobei did not have special tools for dismantling nuclear warheads, nor did he have the password to separate nuclear warheads from missiles, not even the few scientific researchers.
Such an important password can be regarded as a second-level password, second only to the first-level password required for nuclear missile launch.
However, Wei Xiaobei had no intention of using any password to let him separate on his own.
Although Wei Xiaobei is still in the shape of a yellow sheep, this does not affect his use of tools. A pitch-black black silver sword appeared in his mouth.
Then, Wei Xiaobei bit the handle of the broadsword and slashed violently at the metal shell under the nuclear warhead.
Although biting the handle of the knife was not as effective as holding it with his hands, under Wei Xiaobei’s violent power, all this was in vain.
But having said that, the shell of the nuclear missile is still very strong. Wei Xiaobei’s huge force was added to the sword, and after completely scrapping two black and silver swords, the shell of the nuclear missile was completely destroyed in one circle.
Wei Xiaobei raised his right hoof and touched the nuclear warhead