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The Supreme Immortal Emperor stabilized the situation, breathed a sigh of relief, and said with a smile, “You should take advantage of me during the battle, take away my realm one by one, and catch me off guard. In that case, maybe you can kill me!” You harvested me first, but you gave me time to prepare. Now that I am free from the influence of Dao Ancestor’s luck and have the pearl of wisdom in hand, you have no chance of winning!”

At this moment, he looked a little dazed and was shocked: “Someone is mobilizing cause and effect to plot against me!”
Fairy Gushe was extremely nervous and shouted: “We succeeded!”
Lan Suying, Shenpo and Yuan Tiangang each cheered up, and suddenly they saw the majestic figure of the Immortal Emperor walking towards them. However, there was another Immortal Emperor on the sky and sea!
The Immortal Emperor walking towards them was not his true body, but his consciousness, following the line of cause and effect to kill them!
Lan Suying, Shenpo, and Yuan Tiangang each had their consciousnesses separated from their bodies, filled with murderous intent, blocking the Immortal Emperor’s consciousness.
/“A bunch of rabble, they plotted against me last time, but they still didn’t learn their lesson!”
The Immortal Emperor Consciousness sneered and reached out to grab it. Suddenly, countless Lan Suying appeared behind Lan Suying. They were past and future incarnations, fighting with her against the Immortal Emperor Consciousness.
On the other side, the goddess and Yuan Tiangang each activated Long Tian’s Hun Dao spells, and they all attacked the Immortal Emperor’s consciousness!
The three of them were actually in the field of consciousness, besieging the Immortal Emperor!
Fairy Gushe’s cause and effect line was cut off by the Immortal Emperor, so she also came forward and joined forces with the three of them to attack the Immortal Emperor’s consciousness!
However, as soon as they fought, they noticed the gap. Even Lan Suying, who had the highest level of cultivation, could not compete head-on with the Immortal Emperor’s consciousness.
“I don’t believe I can find you in this exile!”
/The sleeves of the Immortal Emperor’s consciousness trembled, and the four people’s consciousnesses were rolled up in a roar. At this moment, a heartbreaking pain suddenly came from his body.
The Immortal Emperor was in pain, shaking in pain, and his consciousness was unstable. Lan Suying and the other two immediately took the opportunity to fly out of his sleeves.
“what happened?”
He was horrified, “What happened to my body?”
At this time, Xu Ying avoided the two lasing spiritual lights and charged forward again. At an extremely fast speed, he passed under his palm and headed straight for the Immortal Emperor’s body under the ginseng fruit tree!
The Supreme Immortal Emperor mobilized the power of the distant ancestor’s soul to move the mountains to conquer the Kunlun Mountains. Hearing a roar, the boundless spiritual light formed the scene of Kunlun and crashed towards Xu Ying!
At this moment, suddenly