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causing the two of them to quickly turn their eyes back to the book cover.

But at this time, the two of them were really unable to concentrate, so a long time passed, and the books in their hands did not change at all.
On the contrary, Yang Tingting suddenly jumped up and started punching on the roof of the building. Shockingly, it was the Bajiquan fist fight. The punches were so strong that they were not as weak as before.
Seeing Yang Tingting’s boxing skills, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but nodded.
After absorbing this treasure-level boxing manual, it can generate Bajiquan skills that are comprehensive or perfect.
As for Yang Tingting’s ability to generate such superb Bajiquan skills, she undoubtedly has some talent in martial arts.
/After a set of boxing, Yang Tingting couldn’t help but punched the shell of the abandoned water tank. With a loud bang, Yang Tingting left a clearly visible punch mark on the shell of the steel water tank. .
“I go!”
Cheng Dalong, who was originally distracted, couldn’t help but complain when he saw this scene.
This is too fierce! !
Cheng Dalong is very familiar with what Yang Tingting was like before.
She is a weak Jiangnan woman who usually blushes when she speaks loudly and has little strength. Now she can actually punch out the steel shell with one punch!
This, this, this is simply unimaginable!
Immediately, Cheng Dalong and Yang Feifei’s eyes revealed a fiery look, and they stopped thinking about it and turned their attention back to the book cover.
I have to say that everything must be compared and referenced.
Seeing Yang Tingting become so powerful after absorbing this book really made the man and the boy excited. They fantasized in their minds that they would also become so powerful.
After a while, and Wei Xiaobei’s scolding, the two of them calmed down and concentrated honestly.
As two balls of blue light flew into their foreheads, Yang Feifei and Cheng Dalong also acquired the Bajiquan skills.
Yang Feifei, like his sister, is proficient in Bajiquan, but it is obvious from his boxing stance that he is still a little behind Yang Tingting in terms of boxing skills.
But Cheng Dalong is much inferior, he only has a thorough understanding of Bajiquan.
/Wei Xiaobei was not in a hurry to give them the sword manual of Liuhe Sword Technique. He was greedy for more than he could chew. Before they truly and completely mastered Bajiquan, Wei Xiaobei was not prepared to take out the sword manual.
Even so, the Bajiquan’s great improvement in their combat effectiveness should not be underestimated.
Just the flexibility of his movements, the speed of his sudden advance, etc. have all improved a lot compared to before.
These alone are almost equivalent to improving their three major attributes of strength, agility, and physique by a few points!
Afterwards, Wei Xiaobei asked the three of them to practice boxing and stance, while he would give instructions from time to time.
Two hours later, Wei Xiaobei looked at the Qi Si Yu Nu waist badge and found that all the g