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sheep’s eyes fell on her mother. Although she couldn’t dig holes, she could still be regarded as an intellectual, and it seemed that she was better than Zhongqing. The little vixen who only knows how to do accounts for tigers should be smarter.

“Then how did you break through this limitation, not be deceived, and discover the truth?” Su Mei asked back, this little mutton skewer is basically illiterate, how can it think about such a problem?
Although Zhuang Zhou began to doubt the authenticity of the world 2,300 years ago, most people believed that it was just a confused emotion rather than thinking and analysis after discovering evidence based on real events.
Like what Xiaoyang just talked about, it is more like that after the rapid development of modern physics, many real-life experimental discoveries and theories have made people start to think about whether the world is real or virtual.
“Because a while ago, the bad old man tried to torture me and started to teach me about quantum mechanics! He also said that this world is virtual. When we run the virtual world infinitely close to reality, we will completely understand the problems of quantum mechanics.” Xiaoyang sighed softly, “I have done some research on quantum mechanics now, so I will think about the problem from this perspective.”
/You have also done some research on quantum mechanics! The corners of Su Mei’s eyes twitched several times before she suppressed her heartfelt laughter and desire to ridicule.
“After my thinking, I found that this world is indeed a man-made universe, and the old man is the manager of the universe. Before I grew up, he carried out the will of the universe on my behalf, so this world will appear now. Some features of the virtual world, such as NPCs like Liu Yuewang that give people a buggy feeling.”
The little sheep stepped on its hooves, “I hope from now on, mother, you will give me, the future controller of the universe, some respect. When I take back the authority of the administrator from the old man, I will become the leader of the Nine Provinces Fenglei Sword Sect. After becoming the master of the sect, I will let you become a twin being like Liu Yuewang and An Nuan, so that you can experience more in your love with the bad old man.”
Before the little sheep finished speaking, Su Mei pinched the sheep’s mouth. Su Mei’s cheeks were so red that they were about to bleed, and no human words came out of the sheep’s mouth.
/The lamb stretched out its two hooves and hugged its mother’s hand, getting rid of her control, and then jumped in the iron cage without saying anything else.
After all, everyone’s understanding of the world, wisdom, and role in the world are not on the same level. It’s quite a waste of time to communicate with them. Xiaoyang doesn’t want to lower himself to the same level as them, and then use them to be able to State the problem in an understandable way.
“It’s a bit confusing. Here in mainland China, junior high schools are exposed to the wave-particle duality of light. An object is both a wave and