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David’s energy clone walked inside.

“Lord Arthur, I didn’t expect that after we said goodbye last time, you would have become a level 5 powerhouse when we met again!” Marshal Andre stood at the entrance of the hatch passage to greet David’s energy clone, smiling as soon as they met. said.
Marshal Andre knew very well the life experience of Lord Arthur. This peerless genius who grew up in the Interstellar Federation immediately showed his unparalleled talent after returning to the divine world.
The last time they met, Lord Arthur was already a fourth-level sky knight, and he had outstanding combat power among the fourth-level sky knights. But what he didn’t expect was that when they met again just a few months later, Lord Arthur had become a… A fifth-level Templar, and still an outstanding fighter among the fifth-level Templars.
“Marshal Andre, your body is still as strong as the last time we met!” David said with a smile and bow.
The two walked into the cabin while talking, and David also sensed that as many as eight extraordinary people were surrounding the main cabin.
It’s just that this kind of protection is too weak for a level five strong person.
/Generalissimo Andre was indeed taking a huge risk by entering the Battle Star this time.
But Generalissimo Andre had to come. If he didn’t come, then the federal president would have to come. But if President Barnard came to talk to Lord Arthur, the consequences would be hard to imagine.
The key to everything is the strength of Lord Arthur. No one can trust this powerful being to enter the peaceful area of ??the divine world. This is not only against the law, but also unacceptable to the top management of the Interstellar Federation. They even allow Lord Arthur to enter the war zone. Neither agree.
Since Lord Arthur cannot enter the Interstellar Federation, only Grand Marshal Andre comes in person.
David’s energy clone and Generalissimo Andre didn’t talk about anything important on the small transport ship. They were just chatting.
It wasn’t until the small transport ship landed at the Battle Star Military Headquarters that David’s true form formally met with Generalissimo Andre in the military headquarters’ conference room.
Due to David’s request, the energy clones of the three fifth-level Templar Knights did not leave and stayed in the sky, protecting Generalissimo Andrei until Generalissimo Andrei left the battle star.
“Marshal Andre, first of all, on behalf of the Supreme Council of the Divine World and Speaker Gould, I would like to express my gratitude to you for promptly sending troops to support the Divine World in fighting against the Zerg invasion!” David smiled at Andre. said the generalissimo.
“The alliance between the Interstellar Federation and the Divine World has gone through nearly ten thousand years, and there have been disputes and harmony, but we have been fighting against the Zerg together. I will never allow anyone to destroy the friendship that has been ushered in with countless blood for thousands of years! “Generalissimo Andre