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lack Dragon Alexis.

David didn’t want the black dragon Alexis to defeat the Zerg god-level, as long as he could be delayed for a period of time to prevent him from being killed instantly.
He stood up and Alexis the Black Dragon jumped back onto his shoulders as he opened the door and walked out of the room.
David does not have his own tent. This is not to say that the Supreme Council did not prepare it for him, but he has always stayed in the accommodation arranged for him by the Interstellar Federation, and no one bothered him.
Instead, his thirteen fifth-level Templars each had thirteen tents.
David walked in the passage of the underground headquarters, his identity bracelet flashing from time to time. He had special access rights to the federal headquarters, and he reached the command room without any obstacles.
/“Lord Arthur is here!” Admiral Francis greeted with a smile.
Speaker Gould stepped forward and smiled and nodded to David. The relationship between them had become even closer after this war. There was no need to pay attention to some etiquette if it was not important.
“Speaker Gould, Admiral Francis, I’m here to say goodbye to you!” David said with a smile.
Admiral Francis was stunned by David’s words. David was the one who pulled the strings between the Interstellar Federation military and the Divine World.
The reason why the defense line of the guard star is safe is because David uses his powerful combat power to guarantee it.
“Lord Arthur, if you leave, our defense will be reduced by half. Do you have anything important to do?” It can be heard that Admiral Francis does not want David to leave the guard star at all.
“I have gained some experience in cultivation and need to go back to Jiamixing to retreat for a while!” David said helplessly.
The stronger David is, the less he wants to be exposed. The next Zerg attack will definitely target him. If he wants to save his life, he will have to show more strength.
That situation was not what he wanted. He believed that with the cooperation between the Divine World and the Interstellar Federation, it would not be a problem to protect the Guardian Star.
You must know that the Interstellar Federation not only rearranged its detectors in front of the battle line, but also deployed several space minefields. Once the Zerg attack, a lot of them will be consumed halfway before they can truly pose a threat.
The longer the time, the larger the scope of the space minefield.
Not to mention the current guarding star, there are as many as a hundred fifth-level Templar Knights, and there are as many as a thousand fourth-level Sky Knights.
With the multiple recruitments of the Divine Great World, nobles at all levels sent a large number of knights, and the long-term accumulation of the Divine Great World was slowly revealed.
/“Lord Arthur, the Supreme Council has no reason for you to stay, but if you are needed, please return as soon as possible!” Speaker Gould said with a wry smile.
Speaker Gould is not worried that anyone in the divine world will have ob