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age of a courier. He shied away: “No matter how urgent the express delivery is, it is not as urgent as my dinner. It will be delivered after I finish my dinner.”

The courier knew that the person in charge would not give in so easily, so he pulled the person in charge into a corner, gave one-third of the money Wei Renwu gave him to the person in charge, and whispered: “I guess this should It’s enough for you to have dinner, plus a late-night snack, and another ‘all-nighter’.”
The person in charge put the money into his pocket with a smile and said with a smile: “Is it the express delivery from your relative?”
Although the person in charge misunderstood, the courier did not explain much because the matter was too shocking. He had not yet understood it himself and could not expect others to understand it, so he acquiesced.
The person in charge said: “Okay, I’ll leave now.”
The person in charge immediately organized and released all the express delivery.
The courier was relieved. He finally threw the hot potato out.
“Xiao Wang, move all the couriers out of the car.” The person in charge of ZTO Express in Fengdu County said to a square-faced young man sitting in the corner playing with his mobile phone.
The square-faced Xiao Wang, whose full name is Wang Xuanxuan, is twenty-five years old. Although he is young, he has worked for STO Express in Fengdu County for many years and is considered a key employee here.
As soon as Wang Xuanxuan heard his boss calling him, he put away his cell phone, picked up the baseball cap next to him and put it on his head, and responded to the person in charge: “Boss, I’ll be here right away.”
Wang Xuanxuan walked to the small truck full of express delivery.
/The person in charge at the truck said to Voter Wang: “Xiao Wang, unload all the express delivery first, then find the express delivery in your own area, and then deliver all your express delivery before sunset tomorrow.”
/Chosen Wang said with a smile: “I understand.”
The person in charge nodded with satisfaction: “Okay, you go ahead and do your work. I have something else to do, so I’ll leave first.” The person in charge always reassures Voter Wang. After all, Voter Wang is very capable. Over the years, Voter Wang has not been betrayed by a customer. After complaining, there is no doubt that Wang Xuanxuan is his most capable officer.
The person in charge left with peace of mind, and Mr. Wang quickly unloaded all the express delivery from the truck.
Wang Xuanxuan divided the express delivery into five parts according to the classification of the photo area and placed them in various corners of the transfer station.
Wang Xuanxuan immediately called another courier and told him that the express delivery belonging to their area had arrived and asked them to return to the transfer station to take over.
There are four other couriers. These four people are much lazier than Wang Xuanxuan. They will not show up at the transfer station until they are needed to work, but they will not walk too far. Far away, they were playing ma