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he setting of “The Tuner”, the protagonist The script of “Telling a Big Lie” is of high quality, and Xianyu is even better than I imagined.”

Zhang Yu seemed a little shocked.
As a result, the conference room suddenly became noisy:
“eat human?!”
“I was so scared that I broke out in a cold sweat!”
“When I saw the middle, I felt something was wrong. On the surface, it looked like Pi and a tiger drifting on the sea, but in fact, there was no tiger at all!”
“The script of Xianyu is too heavy-handed, and it was surprisingly difficult to shoot!”
“No, it’s not heavy at all.”
Du An suppressed the excitement in his voice: “This script can be presented in the most beautiful way. The so-called heavy taste is just for the audience to think after the plot is over. This is a huge challenge for the director! Director Zhou”
Du An looked at Lao Zhou again. After he saw the script, a voice echoed in his heart:
I want to shoot! I must film this script!
Lao Zhou did not agree immediately: “It depends on what Xianyu wants. Director Du should know that Xianyu’s crew has a core system of screenwriters.”
Du An’s brows instantly wrinkled, distressed and entangled.
In his heart, on the one hand, he was filled with the joy of seeing and hunting, and on the other hand, he was pursuing the bottom line of the director’s core system.
“Let’s not talk about this for now. First of all, the quality of the script should be fine, right?” Lao Zhou said.
/“This script is better than “The Tuner”!”
“It’s just that the cost estimate is not easy to control.”
“The special effects requirements are too high.”
“Immersive shooting technology must be used.”
There is no problem in script project approval.
Lao Zhou nodded: “Then there are the issues of cost and preparation. In addition, casting is not easy. We may be busy. As for the final candidate of the director, we will consider it again. Anyway, it is basically impossible for this movie to start shooting this year.”
As he said that, Lao Zhou glanced at Du An.
Du An was still struggling.
He didn’t want to give up the leadership of the crew, and he also wanted to film this script, but Xianyu was a firm core writer.
But what is certain is that preparations for the “Life of Pi” movie are about to begin.
Lin Yuan quickly received Lao Zhou’s response.
The company’s film department attaches great importance to “Life of Pi” and subsequent preparations may begin today.
Considering that filming could not start this year, Lin Yuan left the matter to the company.
With the support of the film department, there will be no shortage of professionals to handle the preliminary preparations.
After temporarily getting rid of this burden, Lin Yuan took the rare opportunity to attend classes for a few days.
Lin Yuan rarely goes to school now.
Under the guidance of Yang Zhongming, Lin Yuan’s composition level improved by leaps and bounds, and the school could no longer teach him anything.
Apparently the school is also aware of this.
Who can teach Xianyu to compose music?
It’s no use even ha