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“This is too dangerous, the ‘Holy Spirit Knight’ is a demigod!” Bishop McKinley shook his head repeatedly.

“It doesn’t matter, I’m trying to predict the next attack point of the ‘Holy Spirit Knight’!” Bishop Evans said firmly.
“Wait a minute, let me bless you with the healing magic first!” Bishop Bolin waved his hand and interrupted the magic spell that Bishop Evans started to prepare.
As the bishop of the Earth Temple, Bishop Bolin is extremely accomplished in healing magic.
He spent ten seconds chanting, and the staff in his hand drew complex magical patterns in the air, and then a white light fell on Bishop Evans.
‘Great Healing’ is an advanced healing magic that can offset the effects of a serious injury attack when in a blessed state.
Bishop Evans felt the faint white light and warmth on his body, and nodded gratefully to Bishop Boling. This kind of advanced healing technique that consumes a lot of oneself, unless there is a critical moment, Bishop Boling would do his best. Not used.
In the short process of performing the ‘Great Healing Spell’, Bishop Bolin consumed three months of prayers and some precious magical materials.
Although divine magic is very convenient, this convenience relies on various conditions.
With the blessing of the ‘Great Healing Technique’, Bishop Evans became more confident in performing divine magic.
Of course, the most important thing is that after Bishop Evans successfully predicted things related to the Zerg god level, he was only seriously injured but not fatally injured. This gave him a new understanding of the ‘prophecy’ magic.
Although demigods also have gods in their names, they are still far from true gods.
Bishop Evans chanted, waving the magic circle in his hand continuously, and his face became paler and paler as the chant continued.
But at the moment when his complexion turned bad, the pale white light of the ‘Great Healing Technique’ on his body dimmed a bit, and his complexion became rosy again.
“Poof!” Three seconds after the ‘Prophecy’ succeeded, Bishop Evans spurted blood from his mouth, and others also succumbed, and the light of the ‘Great Healing’ on his body had been consumed long ago.
Bishop Boling, who was already prepared, cast a ‘healing spell’ over Bishop Evans.
/Bishop Dominic took out a bottle of top-grade healing potion and stepped forward to give it to Bishop Evans to drink.
Bishop McKinley looked at Bishop Evans’ temples, where a few hairs turned gray.
You must know that these fifth-level bishops, blessed by God, will not have gray hair unless they reach two hundred years old.
Bishop Evans is only in his early one hundred years, and the gray hair on his temples can only be due to the ‘prophecy’.
“Contact Lord Arthur immediately. The next target of the ‘Holy Spirit Knight’ is Garmis!” Bishop Evans slowly opened his eyes under the influence of ‘healing’ and top-level healing potions. He said immediately after waking up. .
After activating the ‘Prophecy’, Bishop Evans discovered that he had underestimated the terror of the demigods. If