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ed when facing some major events that will have historical influence in the future.

Netizens from all over the world are excited!
“I have been looking forward to this day seven years ago. The merger of Central Continent will definitely have a huge impact on the form and development of all continents around the world!”
“There are big bosses in all fields in Central Continent!”
“Each continent has been restricting the cultural influence of Central Continent on its own continent. Now we can no longer set various restrictions on Central Continent.”
/“Zhongzhou’s movies, TV shows, and even games were rarely introduced to other continents before, just because they were afraid that their own culture would be impacted.”
“But eventually a lot of it got out.”
“It feels like there are few people in the seven continents who can beat Central Continent.”
“In the future, all our fields may be dominated by the big guys from Zhongzhou.”
The people here are also looking forward to it!
“Ha ha!”
“Finally the merger is coming!”
“Let Qin, Qi, Chu, Yan, Han, Zhao and Wei feel fear!”
“Outer continent has been restricting us. After the merger, they can no longer restrict us. Our Central Continent culture will completely rule Blue Star!”
“After the merger, will we be able to see Qinzhou’s Xianyu every day?”
“I wonder if the Fish Dynasty can remain strong after our Central Continent joins the merger.”
“The people in the Yu Dynasty are indeed not simple.”
“However, many of our big bosses in Central Continent have not taken action. After the merger, they will know how terrifying we are.”
“It just so happens that I also want to experience the culture of other continents.”
“I heard that there are two people in the outer continent who are as famous as Xianyu!”
“Isn’t it possible? He also makes music?”
“That’s not true. It seems that one of them is a writer, and the other one is a cartoonist?”
“Hahahahahaha, do they know how powerful our Central Continent and comics are?”
Central Continent Circle.
“It’s finally time to officially merge, and it’s time for the world to see our Central-Continent!”
“Is there a powerful family in another continent?”
“As far as I know, there are a few that are pretty good.”
“Chu Kuang?”
“You know him too?”
“I have read two of his books. My friends brought them from Qinzhou. They are indeed not simple.”
“Then you have to greet them properly later.”
Zhongzhou comics world.
“We joined the merger too late. The comic market in other continents is already dominated by a person named Shadow.”
“The author of Sea of ​​Fire?”
“It seems that you are quite concerned about this foreigner. Anyway, I am too lazy to pay attention. It doesn’t matter if someone rules the market. It’s just because we haven’t come to Central Continent yet. There are no tigers or monkeys in the mountains to call the king.”
“I have to say sorry to this guy.”
“His reign will soon be over.”
“We in Zhongzhou have the final say on future Blue Star comics!”