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nents have merged, do you think the entertainment company here in Qizhou will still be willing to surrender to Qizhou in the music field?”

Lin Yuan was thoughtful.
In a nutshell, he said: “The core of Qinzhou’s music success is talent. In the future, Qizhou’s giants will inevitably open their companies to Qinzhou. When the restrictions between the two continents no longer exist, Qizhou will only need to bring Qinzhou’s musical talents.” Just hire your own company. With the talented Qizhou entertainment giant, do you still need to customize it with Xingguang? The strength of our own songwriters has already improved!”
“So all musical talents in Qinzhou will have more life choices. In the past, everyone went to companies like Xingmang, because Xingmang is one of the most powerful music companies in Qinzhou. In the future, they will have more choices. , and companies like Thunder and Seven Stars in Qizhou will definitely infiltrate it, and even poach Qinzhou Company at all costs!”
/Lin Yuan understood.
Jian Jian continued: “Your composition ability is so strong, someone from Qizhou will definitely dig you out, and the treatment you will be given may even be better than Xingmang. In order to keep you, Xingmang will definitely give you better Treatment, so this is a good thing for us. Those who are really nervous should be those big companies. Take Xingguang as an example, how can they sit still and wait for death?”
Lin Yuan nodded.
It is foreseeable that Qinzhou companies such as Xingmang will definitely vigorously develop film, television and even gaming industries, because the talent barriers on both sides have been completely cleared. If you like the musicians on my side, why don’t I like yours? film and television talents?
Qizhou special effects awesome?
How many screenwriters does Qizhou have?
Director Qi Zhou is strong?
When these people join Qinzhou’s company, is Qinzhou still worried that its film and television industry cannot develop? Anyway, states have no national boundaries, and art has no so-called national boundaries. So in the final analysis, isn’t it just a question of money?
You can think about it from another angle.
If we were on Earth, just talking about the film and television industry, countries suddenly broke down various barriers when everyone spoke the same language, and everything in Hollywood was fully opened to the Celestial Empire, then Hollywood would one day become everyone’s Hollywood!
This is bound to happen.
Even if you don’t take the film and television industry as an example, think about China in the past life. Because South Korea was always unable to beat South Korea in the top League of Legends competitions, in the end the Chinese club simply bought a bunch of South Korean players and let these players play for China.
After all, there are differences between countries.
Some people will refuse this kind of contract because of some sense of belonging, but no one will refuse to work for companies in other continents just because I am from Qizhou and he is from Q