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One minute later.
The two exchanged contact information.
Lin Yuan left the piano room.
Gu Xi was on the corridor of the piano room, humming the music and jumping up happily, as if stepping on the floor grid.
It wasn’t until someone came around that she coughed, calmed down her expression, raised her jade-like neck, and walked away as coldly as a peacock.
And at this time.
With the official establishment of the tribal comics website, some people have already entered it and clicked on Shadow’s new comic book, “The Spirit of the Halberd Eater”.
The new website has invited many well-known cartoonists in the industry to serialize new works.
After reading the new works of the most famous cartoonists, Lu Wei felt that he was still interested, so he started searching for new comics to read.
/The new website is an untapped treasure for comics fans.
Every comic fan is looking forward to digging for more delicious spiritual food on the new website!
Then he noticed this “Spirit of the Halberd Eater”.
Compiled by: Shadow
Lu Wei has not watched “King of the Internet”, so he doesn’t know much about shadows.
He will notice this work because the type of this comic is somewhat special.
gourmet food!
Any comic type has a reader base, it’s just the size of the base.
Lu Wei is one of the few comic readers who loves food comics very much.
Unfortunately, with the end of the food trend, this genre has become recognized as an unpopular subject.
So Lu Wei hasn’t seen a new food comic for a long time.
This incident has always made Lu Wei feel very regretful.
But Lu Wei also understands rationally that food comics are indeed a subject that has lost its vitality.
Even if he is a veteran food comic fan, he will inevitably find it lackluster when he sees food-themed comics.
Lu Wei found it hard to imagine that under such a background, someone would continue to draw food comics.
This made Lu Wei feel a bit more intimate.
Maybe it’s because of this sense of intimacy?
With a bit of nostalgia and a little bit of food feelings, Lu Wei clicked on “The Spirit of the Halberd Eater”.
Just read it and think of it as remembering your love for food comics back in the day.
The comic opens in the backyard of a small restaurant.
The red-haired boy sat in front of the barbecue stall and smiled strangely: “BBQ squid feet with peanut sauce is terrible, hahaha.”
/Lu Wei was stunned for a moment.
What the hell? Is this a food comic? Are you sure it’s not dark cuisine?
BBQ squid legs with peanut sauce and so on, just thinking about it makes people get goosebumps all over.
At this time, a voice came from inside the house: “Xingping, your friend is here.”
The red-haired boy suddenly stood up, untied the long white strip wrapped around his wrist, and tied it to his forehead: “Let’s get started.”
The screen gave a close-up of the red-haired boy.
If there are no accidents, this Yukihira will be the protagonist of the manga.
The scene changes.
Xingping and his father each cooked a bowl of egg fried rice, and a girl se