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Xu Ying raised his head, smiled, and suddenly rose into the sky, “I have been waiting for this day for a long time!”
Daojun Nie Xuan couldn’t help but get angry, waved his hand suddenly, and sneered: “Back then, Taiyi Sect had nine hatreds protecting you, but now it’s not in Taiyi Sect! Junior brothers, take him down!”
Although the cultivation strength of the Gods and Demons Daojun is not as good as that of the Taiyi Daojun, the immortals in the Gods and Demons Dao Sect are much more than those of the Taiyi Dao Sect.
/Of course, the main reason why there are so many immortals in the Dao of Gods and Demons is because the Dao of Gods and Demons is lower than the Taiyi Dao and is easier to cultivate. The Taiyi Dao is the ancestor of all the Dao, and includes all the Dao in the world except the Nine Dao, including Yin and Yang, gods and demons, and life and death.
Next to Daojun Nie Xuandao are the twenty-four immortals of the Eight True Kings under the sect of Daojun Dao of Gods and Demons. They all take action at this moment!
/However, just as they took action, snow suddenly fell on the road, and everyone could clearly hear the sound of crying on the road.
The wind and snow were coming, and the snowflakes were flying, which greatly reduced the power of their magical powers.
Even Daojun Nie Xuan noticed that his own Dao was invaded and replaced by an inexplicable Dao pattern, turning into Dao snow!
Even though his cultivation is extremely strong, he cannot suppress this substitution trend!
“I, Li Wen on the other side, may not be as good as the Three Realms Dao Patterns!” His scalp was numb and he thought to himself.
Xu Ying met the Eight True Kings and the Twenty-Four Immortals of the Taoist Sect of Gods and Demons. The Eight True Kings and the Twenty-Four Immortals’ magical powers were extremely dazzling. The Tao power turned into an ancient god and ancient demon and came from the void to kill Xu Ying.
However, when everyone’s magical powers came to him, they continued to weaken. The ancient gods and ancient demons each shrank and were immediately swallowed up by his figure.
There seems to be an invisible flood source of annihilation around him, swallowing these magical powers into the flood source, making it inviolable.
And those magical powers were restored to the power of chaos, and the power of chaos evolved into the power of Hongmeng, Tai Chi, Wuji, Taiyi, etc., allowing him to continuously improve his cultivation strength in battle!
“In the past, when I returned to the other side, I would always suppress my cultivation and strength, and turn my Dao patterns into Li Wen, lest my own Dao patterns turn the other side into Dao ashes.”
Xu Ying activated his killing method, turned into a sword energy and held it in his hand. He walked around and killed these immortal and true kings. He said leisurely, “Now, I can finally use my peak self to compete with the masters on the other side.” !”
He rushed into the crowd, his sword flashed, and he stabbed Kong Zun.
Kong Zun was in the early stage of the Immo