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pose the lyrics, and only use the melody part sung by the human voice.

But Lone Wolf is a company that ranks very high in the rankings.
The works they sent were very good in terms of composition, arrangement, and even lyrics.
After listening, many people in the team showed satisfied expressions.
Shui Yun didn’t say anything and asked her agent to show Hong Yue’s works again.
After hearing this this time, Shuiyun’s team fell into a dilemma.
/Because Hongyue’s works are also very good. Although they are not as comprehensive as Lone Wolf, even the arrangement, lyrics and singing are sampled, but the vocal melody is worthy of recognition.
“Let’s talk about the conclusion first.”
Shuiyun said: “Lone Wolf’s song is very similar to my last work. It can be said to be tailor-made for me. But the problem is that I want to seek a breakthrough. Compared with my previous works, this song is not There’s no big breakthrough.”
Everyone nodded.
Shui Yun continued: “Then let’s talk about Hong Yue’s music. Hong Yue’s problem is the opposite of Lone Wolf’s. That is that Hong Yue has made too big a breakthrough and boldly added rap passages. I’m not against rap, but I personally prefer melody. “style rap”
“Then how to choose?”
The agent asked tentatively.
After Shui Yun thought for a moment, she said, “Aren’t there three more companies? Have you sent them?”
The agent pondered for a moment, opened his mailbox, then raised his eyebrows and said: “The remaining three companies have also sent their works, but these three companies are basically accompanying me. Sister Yun should also know the reason.”
“Then you should listen and see.”
Shui Yun waved her hands and said: “Forget it, give me the headphones, I will continue to listen to the rest of the music, and you can discuss it first, whether it is better to choose Lone Wolf or Red Moon.”
The agent nodded.
Shuiyun sat alone in the corner, turned up the volume of her earphones, and slowly listened to the song, while Shuiyun’s team started a discussion.
“Choose the lone wolf.”
Someone said: “Lone Wolf’s work is the safest. We can ask Lone Wolf to make some modifications.”
“Lone wolves are too conservative.”
Someone shook his head and said: “And you mentioned modifications, so why don’t we choose Hongyue’s song? Hongyue’s song obviously formed a certain breakthrough. Although the rap section is a bit bolder, as long as the rap part is changed to melody rap, it will be enough.” That’s it.”
“You think too simply.”
Someone in the team who knew music shook his head and said: “It is difficult to change the rap section of this song, because this song needs to be combined with this rap form to achieve the greatest effect. If it is changed to melody rap, the taste will change.”
“Anyway, I think Hongyue’s is good.”
“Lone Wolf is a foolproof tune.”
“There is no such thing as a foolproof work.”
The team obviously formed two distinct factions, and the opinions of the two factions were completely contradictory. After arguing for a while, someone finally showed