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And amid soaring box office sales.
On the Internet, people from all over the world are constantly lamenting:
“Movies are just Xianyu’s side job. Most of Xianyu’s thoughts are spent on music. If Xianyu didn’t make music but devoted himself to movies, then I really can’t imagine his achievements in movies! ”
“Maybe it will make it into the top ten of the Blue Star Film and Television List?”
“I don’t dare say it’s in the top ten, but it’s definitely no problem in the top twenty.”
“Looking at this hot trend, how much box office will “Kung Fu” have in the end?”
“It depends on the stamina.”
“If the stamina is not enough, five to six billion will be enough to support the sky.”
“If you have enough stamina, just arrange the delay key and you’ll be invincible!”
“Judging from its performance in recent days, this movie doesn’t seem to be lacking in stamina at all.”
“Yes, it will take some time for the movie to be released. Compared to this, it would be better to guess how much ranking Xianyu can rise in this wave.”
“I guess I can jump a lot of places!”
“After all, he did a great job in this movie. The action and comedy complement each other, and the soundtrack is even more invincible!”
“That still depends on the box office.”
“Let’s first take a look at the box office of “Kung Fu” at the end of the month.”
How much box office “Kung Fu” will earn by the end of the month will be watched closely by countless pairs of eyes from all over the world!
One week!
Two weeks!
Three weeks!
August 31st!
In the early hours of this morning, the box office figures of “Kung Fu” had reached 7.7 billion!
Netizens were shocked!
The media was shocked!
The industry is shocked!
Blue Star is not Earth.
We cannot look at these two planets in the same way.
The most perverted movie on earth, “Avatar,” had a total box office of nearly 3 billion U.S. dollars. According to the exchange rate at the time, converted into soft currency, it was about 18 billion.
Lin Yuan specifically checked Blue Star’s box office rankings.
Blue Star’s best-performing movie has a box office of around 30 billion!
But those movies were all made many years ago, and most of them were from Middle-earth.
No matter before or after the merger, Zhongzhou has always firmly dominated all major areas of Blue Star.
In the past, Blue Star did not have restrictions on cultural walls in various continents.
/At that time, movies that were popular at the box office could easily be released simultaneously around the world.
Later, Blue Star was divided into eight continents, and local governments established cultural walls. Films from other continents had to be imported if they wanted to be released across regions. Various restrictions were very troublesome. The taxes and other imports alone were a large expense. Anyway, there are regulations here Leverage is very complicated, and the era of direct box office explosion is gone forever. Governments of various continents would rather make less money to support local films.
Now Blue Star merges.
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