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vel Templars wearing four coats of arms.

Although Lord Arthur had promised him, this matter was related to the survival of the four families, and he had to be nervous.
Part of David’s mind remains with the Harold Templars. Otherwise, with the wisdom of the Harold Templars, at most he would passively follow orders and fight. If he wants to handle the relationships between people independently, it will take some time to learn. .
In the next few hours, the fifth-level Templars slowly arrived one after another.
Speaker Gould was very anxious, but he could not push it too much. You must know that the fifth-level Templars were only given six hours to prepare for their dispatch, which was already a very short time.
/Every fifth-level Templar has huge family interests behind him. The top nobles are better off. Even if the fifth-level Templars fall, they still have the Templars as a deterrent. The top nobles only need to be re-cultivated within two generations. A fifth-level Templar can regain his strength.
But it is different for some great nobles who have fifth-level Templars. The fifth-level Templars are everything to the great nobles. Once the fifth-level Templars fall, the great nobles will decline and there will be no chance of turning around.
Of course, only the top nobles would recruit fifth-level Templars.
When they arrived six hours later, there were still two fifth-level Templars from the top nobles who had not arrived. Instead, all the great nobles came.
Those two top nobles were in trouble themselves. One of the top nobles did not have a fifth-level Templar, and the other had a fifth-level Templar who fell into a severe state of emotional deprivation and was unable to fight.
Speaker Gould looked at the fifth-level Templar Knights in front of him. He understood that after the war order was issued, there would be no mercy, and the two top nobles would be deprived of their noble titles.
Among the fifth-level Templars, Arvid, the fifth-level Templar, secretly looked at the Haro Templar and other five Templars with his eyes. He was another Templar from the Litton family.
This time due to the war order, although the Liton family is not a top noble, but because the two Templars of the Liton family were cultivated by the top nobles using the resources of the top nobles in the divine world, even if the Liton family is no longer Even if you don’t want to, you still need to send a fifth-level Templar.
The divine world has gone through thousands of years of history, and there are no loopholes in policies that can be exploited.
The Liton family sent Arvid’s fifth-level Templar to come, but there was nothing they could do.
Earl Abe didn’t dare to come at all. As long as he came, he would probably not die in the Zerg war, but be assassinated by Lord Arthur.
Arvid, a fifth-level Templar, came because of the war order. He did not come immediately at first, but confirmed that Lord Arthur did not participate in the war order and only sent five Templars. Only then did he come with confidence.
Offending Lord Arthur, n