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ntil he looked at Lin Yuan that he suddenly remembered, wasn’t this the newcomer he had just called to clean the house?

At this level, is he a newcomer?
Did you also say that you would get into painting this year?
/Shen Liang felt a huge shock in his heart. He didn’t believe that Lin Yuan was new to painting, because the sketching level shown in this painting was the best in the entire painting club!
But this matter is not important.
The important thing is that the painting club has a sketching master!
He suddenly stepped forward and took the initiative to extend his right hand to Lin Yuan: “Vice President Shen Liang, on behalf of the painting club, I welcome you to join!”
“Hello, Lin Yuan.”
Lin Yuan shook hands with the other party.
Shen Liang looked around: “You go ahead and do your work.”
The people around him took another look at Lin Yuan’s paintings before reluctantly leaving, except for Zhong Yu.
“What are you doing here?”
Zhong Yu said weakly: “This is my position.”
Hearing this, Shen Liang ignored him and just turned to Lin Yuan with a smile and said, “Your sketch is very good. If you want to paint quietly in the future, you can go to the next room.”
The next room is for the masters of the painting club.
The area is not large, but considering the number of great gods in the community, it is still spacious enough. The most important thing is that it can avoid being surrounded.
“Need not.”
Lin Yuan refused, then looked at Zhong Yu: “Give you an hour.”
Zhong Yu immediately said: “Master, add your address book and I will transfer the money to you.”
Lin Yuan added the address book to the other party, and then received a transfer of 300 yuan.
“three hundred?”
“You’re welcome, God.”
Lin Yuan nodded.
Shen Liang next to him was stunned: “This is it?”
Zhong Yu explained: “I asked a master to teach me sketching for two hundred yuan an hour.”
Shen Liang:
“Two hundred and one hours?”
There were many club members paying attention to this side. When they heard Zhong Yu’s words, they were immediately excited: “The master will teach me, and I will pay the tuition!”
“Next time.”
Although Lin Yuan wanted to continue making money, he had classes in the afternoon and didn’t have much time.
“Can we move over and have a chat?” Shen Liang asked.
Lin Yuan agreed.
The two came to the studio next door.
There is no one in this studio, only a few easels are placed.
Some easels also have unfinished products, sketches, gouache, watercolor, and even oil paintings and Chinese paintings.
Shen Liang asked: “Can the work you just created be hung on the display wall?”
After Lin Yuan agreed, he went straight to the topic: “I heard that the painting club has some art exhibitions. Can I participate?”
“Of course you can participate at your level.”
Shen Liang probably guessed the reason why Lin Yuan joined the painting club: “I will definitely notify you in advance next time the painting club has an external art exhibition.”
/After adding Shen Liang as an address book friend, Lin Yuan was