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An Nuan stood in front of Liu Changan and punched his chest several times.

Although this action has been teased by people ever since the “little fist punching your chest” came out, An Nuan found that it really felt coquettish and proud, and he simply couldn’t stop unless he held her hand. His fist pulled her into his arms.
“I’m going to hit your chest too.” Liu Changan clenched his fist and hit you.
An Nuan was startled and quickly backed away, her face flushed, “I’ll beat you up later.”
/Liu Changan laughed.
Hey, An Nuan was a little proud, but also a little shy. She stood up and opened the closet, picked up a piece of clothing and put it in front of her to gesture, “Which one should I wear today? Give me some advice.”
After Liu Changan gave his advice, he was kicked out. An Nuan wanted to change clothes. At present, it was still impossible for An Nuan to change clothes in front of him, not to mention Liu Yuewang was still in the living room.
Thinking about such a rebellious thing, just blush and let your reason control it. It’s better not to be too rebellious.
When Liu Changan came out, Liu Yuewang was mopping the floor at Annuan’s door. The entire living room and corridor were mopped clean at Annuan’s door.
“Hey, I have a little back pain.” Liu Yuewang stretched and didn’t want to mop the floor anymore, but he felt that he wouldn’t mop the floor now because it would leave a trace.
“I’m good at massage.” Liu Changan said. Seeing Liu Yuewang’s stunned look, he continued, “But I’m better at mopping the floor.”
Liu Changan took the mop and mopped the floor. Of course, he was not showing off in front of Liu Yuewang. There was no need. He was just helping Liu Yuewang act and cooperated to prevent her from being embarrassed by her pretense.
“What are Nuan Nuan doing?” Liu Yuewang watched Liu Changan mopping the floor.
“Change your clothes and ask my opinion.”
“You see, she doesn’t want to wear something today. She wants to wear something that matches yours. This little girl is really thoughtful.” Liu Yuewang walked away disdainfully.
An Nuan changed her clothes and came out after a while, also carrying a bag, and said to Liu Changan, “Let’s go.”
Liu Changan picked up the satchel placed on the sofa.
“Mom, let’s go. Goodbye.”
“Professor Liu, goodbye.”
Liu Changan and An Nuan walked under the morning sunshine. An Nuan changed into a white shirt, a black skirt, and a pair of white Converse high-top shoes with “left” and “right” written on the toe. words.
An Nuan still exudes a lively and sunny feeling all over her body, as if she should be on the sun-covered road, always jumping briskly with her legs straightened.
“I bought this shirt and skirt in junior high school. I started to grow shy at that time, so I wanted to buy looser and larger clothes to hide myself.” An Nuan took Liu Changan’s arm with some embarrassment.
“It’s just right now. It seems your growth is limited.” Liu Changan looked at it and commented.
“I’ll give you a chance to reorganize your language.” An Nuan looked at Liu Chan