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njured at most, but he could escape from here.

The fifth-level Bishop Cameron hated the person who set up this trap. If he had not experienced thousands of years of training and was strong enough, he would not have been able to escape from such a trap.
The powerful fifth-level spirit made Cameron, the fifth-level bishop, think very fast. In just one second, he considered crazy revenge in the future.
David sat behind the ‘Shadow Pteranodon’ and looked at Cameron’s fifth-level bishop invisibly.
Of course, he could not have only this preparation. Bishop Gershwin took action at this time. Bishop Gershwin did not display any special abilities. He just used his space control ability to transfer energy from Cameron to Level 5. The bishop’s body was stripped.
Perhaps the protection of transmitted energy is indestructible to others.
/But for the fifth-level Bishop Gershwin who has been resurrected with all the main abilities of his original body, teleportation energy is a kind of space energy. As long as he activates the teleportation energy, he can destroy this active defense teleportation energy.
Of course, the most important thing is that the fifth-level bishop Cameron used a temporary portal this time, which is the weakest portal. The space defense it can produce is much weaker than the planet-level portal.
The fifth-level bishop Cameron felt that the space energy in his body was attracted by a qi machine, and then the teleportation energy protecting him was actually led away.
/“Gershwin!” Cameron, the fifth-level bishop, exclaimed in his heart. The reason why he thought of this name was because he was too familiar with this energy.
As an old man from ‘Twilight of the Gods’, he is very clear about the abilities of the fifth-level Bishop Gershwin. The spatial ability of the fifth-level Bishop Gershwin is extremely special even in ‘Twilight of the Gods’.
“Lock!” A fifth-level Templar shouted lightly, and Bishop Cameron felt that the twelve fifth-level Templars had caught him in a very strange way.
Each of the two fifth-level Templars grabbed the hands and feet of the fifth-level Bishop Cameron, and two fifth-level Templars sealed the eyes and ears of the fifth-level Bishop Cameron with their hands.
Ten fifth-level Templars poured the power of their fifth-level blood into the body of the fifth-level Bishop Cameron. You must know that at this time, the fifth-level Bishop Cameron was still locked by thirty kinds of magic circles and could not Perform magic.
Lord Marcus and Gerald, the fifth-level Templar, grabbed a fifth-level light sword with four hands and stabbed Cameron’s fifth-level bishop in the heart.
David used this siege method several times and found it to be particularly effective. It was the safest method that had been actually verified, so he still chose this method.
The fifth-level light sword penetrated Cameron’s fifth-level bishop’s body without any hindrance, piercing through the heart.
The fifth-level Bishop Cameron’s body went limp, and his explosive spirit disappeared.
But the strange thing