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en by the same person, the composer Huang Dongzheng, and what Huang Dongzheng is best at is this kind of official customized songs.”

“Huang Dongzheng?”
Lin Yuan asked: “Dad Qu?”
Wu Yong shook his head: “Huang Dongzheng, like you, has not yet reached the level of a music dad, but he is probably very talented. He can always easily win all kinds of official customized songs. Even the music dads can’t compete with him. After all, this kind of Songs are very special. The comparison is not about whose composition is more exquisite or whose song has a higher artistic conception, but purely about the popularity and universality of the song. The ones that can get official promotion are often the simplest melodies and matching The most vernacular lyrics.”
Lin Yuan nodded.
This is indeed the case for many official promotional songs.
Their requirement for melody and lyrics is not how technical they are, but how appropriate their expression is.
/It’s like “Good Luck”.
It’s definitely not enough to say how technical this song is. The main thing is that the atmosphere is in place. This is its success.
Simple and festive.
It’s easy to relate to.
Give another chestnut.
If you ask top gamers to make a game that is extremely maneuverable and has an extremely grand world view, they can win it.
After all, the technology is there.
But whose small games are more popular among these top gamers and those small game developers?
It’s really not certain who will win in the end!
Anyway, many popular small game producers and developers are often unknown.
This is the area that people are best at.
Who dares to say that Lin Yuan is not good at this?
Wu Yong didn’t know what Lin Yuan was thinking.
His mind is now full of “crimes other than war”, and he seems to have foreseen that this year’s propaganda song will be used on Huang Dongzheng again.
This is not because Lin Yuan is weak.
It’s just a matter of bad timing that Xiaoqu, who is competing for 12 consecutive championships, caught up with the quadrennial Blue Games, and Huang Dongzheng is so good at this kind of songs that he almost became the spokesperson for the official promotional song.
“Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.”
Wu Yong reluctantly comforted Lin Yuan for a few more words before leaving the office with a tangled look on his face.
Lin Yuan took advantage of the situation and searched for specific news about the Blue Games. There were related news all over the Internet. The Blue Games was definitely the most exciting thing at the moment.
at last.
Lin Yuan’s eyes fell on the last few words of the official introduction to this year’s Blue Games:
‘The venue is Beijing, Qinzhou. ‘
Lin Yuan suddenly knew what song he should come up with.
A few days later!
Qinzhou Beijing!
/Blue Games Organizing Committee!
Twenty-one leaders of the Blue Games Organizing Committee were gathered in the same room, seriously discussing the major details of the opening ceremony of the Blue Games.
After some important regulations were finalized, Zhou Jianqi, the