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After all, they had proudly stated before that David had hit Bai Jie’s gun.

Bai Jie, who was rejected by Chu Kuang, is in anger mode. David’s fight with Bai Jie at this time will directly become an outlet for Bai Jie’s emotions. Bai Jie will transfer all his anger towards Chu Kuang to David. superior.
The result was good, Bai Jie couldn’t beat David at all.
At this time.
Suddenly an extremely angry Korean stood up:
“What does it mean if we win? If you have the ability, let David go to Chu Kuang!”
That’s what I said.
Yan Ren seemed to have suddenly found a direction to counterattack, and all of them blushed and said:
Win over Chu Kuang!
Only by defeating Chu Kuang can we Yan people admit that your Hanzhou fairy tales are truly awesome!
All Yan people know how to refute the Koreans:
“Comparing David with Chu Kuang, do you really think anyone can be Chu Kuang?”
/“If you haven’t defeated Chu Kuang, don’t talk about being invincible!”
“It is Chu Kuang who scares us Koreans, not David.”
“Chu Kuang is the most terrifying evil dragon!”
“Writing fairy tales, we Chu people only obey Chu Kuang!”
“The gap between David and Chu Kuang is at least two Bai Jies!”
“Compared to Chu Kuang, David is nothing.”
Although Chu Kuang is arrogant, the Qin people are much more graceful than the Koreans.
When Chu Kuang suppressed Yanzhou’s fairy tale world, the people of Qin were not so mocking.
Koreans’ mouths are like knives!
Knife after knife, stabbing directly into Yan Ren’s heart.
So infuriating!
Compared to the Korean David, the Yan people actually felt that Chu Kuang had become more approachable.
For a while.
Even in the fairy tale world of Yanzhou, some people said that defeating Chu Kuang is the only thing that counts!
A good trick to drive away wolves and tigers.
He is good at killing people with a borrowed knife.
If David really fights Chu Kuang, no matter who wins or loses, the Yan people will not lose.
Chu Kuang lost, and the Yan people relieved themselves.
David lost, and the Yan people were relieved.
In order to realize this plan, all the famous fairy tale masters in Yanzhou began to set the pace and directly shouted:
“Qinzhou Chu Kuang has the appearance of a great emperor!”
Perhaps Yan Ren still hopes Chu Kuang wins at this moment. David is more irritating than Chu Kuang, and even taunts him when he wins!
It’s like I’ve never won!
For this reason, the Yan people even did not hesitate to praise Chu Kuang.
There are even people from Yan who have begun to please Chu Kuang.
Many Yan people went to Chu Kuang’s tribe comment area to leave messages:
“Teacher Chu Kuang, I can tell at a glance that you have the appearance of an emperor!”
“The person we Yanzhou people admire the most is Teacher Chu Kuang, but the people in Hanzhou actually said that Teacher Chu Kuang’s achievements in the field of fairy tales are nothing more than this!”
“Qin, Qi, Chu Yan, who doesn’t know how powerful Chu Kuang is? It’s Han Zhou who has nostrils on the top of his he