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f a real person in the divine realm. Refining.

And even today, Chu Weiyang did not hesitate at all when he took action. He decisively explored all possible essences at the bottom of the abyss, and truly dug deep into the very depths of the mountain rock.
After all, as this world returns to its original appearance, and in the future, with the arrival of the prosperous Sanyuanjizhen Realm, the closed gates of this side in the past will eventually be reopened. At that time, these so-called mineral veins , the so-called supreme essence is the “stubborn stone” blocking the door of the great world, which is not good-looking and inconvenient to travel.
Chu Weiyang is taking the initiative to eliminate redundancy for the world.
/At this time, the Taoist was already walking among the thick undersea rocks of the real Three Yuan Realm. Chu Weiyang’s entire body was wrapped in five-color jade flowers. It was the Five Elements Escape Technique. It is the Escaping Law Sutra that Chu Weiyang came into contact with in the past, and it is also the higher-level principles of the Divine Power Sutra that Chu Weiyang was able to practice in a logical manner.
Chu Weiyang was already using the five-color jade flower as if he were using magical powers to practice magic.
The Taoist has just stopped at the level of the divine realm and is already preparing for the next level.
And it was precisely under the cover of such five-color jade flowers that the Taoist crossed the mountains and rocks as if walking on flat ground. Moreover, during this process, Chu Weiyang held up the Five Yun Tianluo Umbrella in one hand, One hand holds a nine-section bamboo staff.
In no time, the Taoist raised his hand or poked it with the tip of his staff. In an instant, all the turbid and evil energy that had accumulated under the thick rocks here for countless years was swallowed up by the Xuanhuang treasure weapon.
Or, when Chu Weiyang’s vision was illuminated by the pure glow of spiritual light, the Taoist twisted the wrist of his other hand, and the umbrella surface of the Five Yun Tianluo Umbrella circled around. Immediately, the phantom of Sumeru with the inner scene of Nine Heavens appeared, and then under the hole light of the nine-color divine flower, it suddenly swallowed up the supreme spiritual vein.
From the beginning to the end, the ones who really participated in the devouring and refining were the Five Yun Tianluo Umbrella and the black and yellow nine-section bamboo staff.
/And along with that, either the extremely light ore veins, or the extremely turbid evil spirit are devoured and smelted one after another.
1. Inner Scene In the Nine Heavens, during the rotation of the five elements and three elements, a great world millstone has been transformed into a millstone, sifting the supreme mineral vein itself into the ultimate lightness and purity in the process of grinding, and in this process In it, all phenomena, heaven and humans are all shining, illuminating one’s own body, Tao, Dharma and charm, pulling the spiritual essence to come, ei