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iscovered a masterpiece!”

“Ahhhhhhhhh! This book is so awesome! Both the interpretation of the original work of Journey to the West and the emotional scenes added in the secondary creation are wonderful!”
“The constraints of heaven, the hierarchy of gods, the blood and flesh of Lingshan, those persecutions, those despairs, those regrets, those ideals, make people feel sad. When I saw the struggles of the statues in Journey to the West, I seemed to see my own shadow, and As the author said with emotion at the end, as a fan of Journey to the West, how can I forget Journey to the West!”
“The pig at the beginning has already made my eyes water, let alone Monkey King, Jin Chanzi and other characters. The soul has no power to fight back, but it will be defeated by heavy punches again and again. The tone is so lazy that it is almost casual. , a sentence that is so simple that it is almost a parody, but hidden behind it is a very important story. It is told in a calm and gentle way, and it is about the vicissitudes of life. It’s just that the more I read, the more I feel suffocated and the colder my heart becomes. This Yi An is really strong! ”
/“I got goosebumps halfway through watching it. How could there be such a good fan? By the way, let me tell you a little trick. Listen to the song “Wukong” by Xianyu while reading this book, and the eating effect will be better!”
At this time, someone in the book review area suggested:
“This novel is really well written, but the author seems to be a newcomer and not very famous. Let’s promote it everywhere, right?”
Other readers immediately responded:
“Go, go, go!”
/“I will go to the tribe to promote it.”
“I’ve already posted it on Moments!”
“I went to advertise with some popular Westward Journey fanfiction books next door.”
“Then I’ll promote it on my blog.”
“Don’t miss the major forums on Journey to the West!”
“It’s rare to find a fanfic like this in Journey to the West, so we must promote it vigorously!”
One pass to ten and one hundred to pass.
A single spark can start a prairie fire.
More people, intrigued by the recommendations they saw by chance, clicked on “The Legend of Wukong”, and then naturally joined the growing Amway army.
When the time comes at night.
A considerable number of readers have already read “The Legend of Wukong”.
The main reason is that this novel is not long and the text is not obscure. It is easy to understand. Even if you read it in one sitting, it only takes a few hours.
And according to people’s innate spirit of sharing, the Amway army of “The Legend of Wukong” has grown unprecedentedly!
Some well-known reading bloggers have also noticed “The Legend of Wukong”.
“Is there someone behind this?”
With so much publicity for “The Legend of Wukong” appearing online, it’s hard not to let book bloggers think this way.
However, the effect is still obvious.
These book bloggers finally finished reading “The Legend of Wukong” with some doubts.
One after another.
Some reading bloggers spoke out, and there was more than one: