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rs from the sky. Haha, I feel like I’m going to ascend to heaven!”

Qin Cheng drank a large glass of Gou moss wine, and then began to feast again. By now, the glow was starting to come out of his nose.
Wang Xuan said: “You don’t have to think about how magical it is. This is just a side dish for the Earth Immortals to go with wine. It’s not an immortal banquet. When we have the opportunity in the future, maybe we can collect real ingredients for the Immortals.”
“I think the garlic version is actually not as delicious as the steamed version and retains the original fresh flavor.” Professor Lin commented. He felt that his body was burning hot and the so-called old disease should be removed !
After drinking so much Dixian Spring and now eating Dixian side dishes for nourishment, his whole body’s vitality surged. He was sweating while eating, metabolizing various impurities and toxins.
“If it’s delicious and sweet, it’s better to eat it directly by slicing it into slices and dipping it into dipping sauces. Try it.” Wang Xuan said.
/He and Qin Cheng drank a few drinks briefly, then put away the wine and took out the Dixianquan instead of wine.
“Old Wang, what kind of drink is this? It has a refreshing fragrance and the taste of royal jelly, but it is far less delicious than wine.” Qin Cheng complained.
“Drink. In three years, this thing may no longer exist in the world. Drink one liter and you will live for decades longer!” Wang Xuan said solemnly.
He believed that the two people in front of him had nothing to hide, and told them that this thing could really change lives and allow people to live in the world for a long time.
/“What is wine? I don’t want to drink it in this life. This fairy juice is so delicious. I want to drink it to my fill!”
After being nourished by the earth fairy spring, mountain snails, golden mushrooms and other major supplements, Professor Lin’s face became rosy at a speed visible to the naked eye, his energy began to become strong, and his originally turbid eyes shone with light!
He was a famous master in his youth. Now that his old illness is gone, he has regained some of his strength immediately!
Wang Xuan said: “Don’t worry, this needs a process. I estimate that in a month or two, Professor Lin will become a master of the old skills again.”
The more Professor Lin ate, the hotter he became. He kept sweating and became sticky. Metabolized toxins and other substances were constantly excreted from the body.
“Why do the more I eat, the stinkier I become?” Qin Cheng also asked when he encountered this.
“You are improving your physique, detoxifying and removing impurities. They come out with sweat.” Wang Xuan informed.
Earthly Immortal Spring, Extraordinary Royal Jelly, and Mountain Snail can enhance the vitality of two people and increase their potential, which has huge benefits.
The golden mushroom is a kind of elixir that allows people to break through and increase their strength.
“I feel that my strength has become stronger, and there is secret power flowing slowly in my body. Am I