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Everyone doesn’t know each other!

And judging from the fairy tale manuscript Chu Kuang specially sent to him, I am afraid that the relationship between his younger brother and Chu Kuang is better than he imagined!
Because even the younger brother only found out that he was missing a children’s drawing during dinner last night. Even if he immediately contacted Teacher Chu Kuang for help, Chu Kuang would still have to work overnight to complete his brother’s request!
“A manuscript completed overnight?”
Lin Xuan was stunned.
At this moment, she seemed to be possessed by Poirot!
After peeling off the cocoons, she finally realized in shock!
It turns out that I am really a guanxi householder, and not just an ordinary guanxi householder!
In an instant, thousands of thoughts flashed through Lin Xuan’s mind, and she could only maintain a superficial calmness:
“Thank you, Editor Cao”
“You are welcome!”
Cao Dezhi’s smile was like a spring breeze, and his chest thumped loudly: “If Editor Lin needs any help from now on, just ask me, Lao Cao, our reasoning department will always be Editor Lin’s backing!”
And behind Cao Dezhi.
The expressions of Zhang Yang and Shui Zhurou had completely stiffened with the initial shock.
It turned out to be Chu Kuang!
Many people in the company were talking behind Lin Xuan’s back about Lin Xuan’s background and everything, but neither of them ever dreamed that Lin Xuan’s background turned out to be Chu Kuang!
Damn it!
With such a great god standing behind her, no wonder Lin Xuan gets preferential treatment in the company!
“The manuscript has been delivered.”
After expressing his attitude, Cao Dezhi said with an uncompromising smile: “I’ll take my leave now. Editor Lin is welcome to visit us at any time in the future!”
Lin Xuan wanted to send her off, but Cao Dezhi waved her hand: “Editor Lin, go ahead and do your work first. No need to send her away.”
With that said, Cao Dezhi turned around gracefully.
When passing by Zhang Yang and Shui Zhurou, Cao Dezhi’s smile instantly became formulaic, polite but polite, except that he didn’t have the same enthusiasm as when facing Lin Xuan:
“I’m disturbing your department.”
Lin Xuan also smiled politely at the two of them, then quickly turned around and returned to the office.
Fang Fang, who witnessed this scene with some employees, was extremely happy at this moment.
It is said that if a person achieves enlightenment, a chicken or a dog will ascend to heaven!
It was so smart of me to take the initiative to be Lin Xuan’s assistant!
There is indeed someone behind Lin Xuan!
And this person has a great background!
Shuizhu Ruanyan looked at each other in silence, and finally turned around and went back to the office.
/When he was about to enter, Zhang Yang suddenly turned around and looked angrily at some editors who were still in a daze:
“What are you looking at? Give me a job!”
Everyone responded quickly, but the shock and shock brought by a certain name still remained on their faces.
As soon as the call was connected, L