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gray light, the purple jade flower once again shone. When Chu Weiyang raised his hand, suddenly, “Ling Jade” appeared. The book “Xu Wan Miao Dao Jing” originally appeared and then hovered in front of the jade snake.

“Recite it, it doesn’t matter if it’s Buddhism, Taoism, or demon clan. The poor Taoist has pointed out the way to survive. It’s nothing more than refining the three elements. Today, after all, we have to save a living person. As for how to save it to the end. It doesn’t matter who it is.”
The moment Chu Weiyang’s calm voice fell, the jade snake held up the “Lingxu Wanmiao Dao Jing” with both hands, and then, in the clear voice of the jade snake, there was some kind of ethereal and lofty Taoism. The charm of Dharma suddenly appeared in the world from the origin of the jade snake’s form, spirit and Taoism.
That is not the light spirit Tao sound, but it is the “light spirit Tao sound” that belongs to Jade Snake’s body and this path.
And at this moment, with the cold voice of the Jade Snake resounding throughout the world, and with the charm of the Dharma being pulled by the Qiankun Dharma Furnace at this moment, using the void fireworks as a bridge, the soul poured into the heaven and earth in the mirror. when.
In an instant, what shook at this moment was not the Qiankun Dharma Furnace, nor the Dharma Flame, nor the Gray Mirror.
Almost as soon as the voice of “Lingxu Wanmiao Dao Jing” resounded between heaven and earth, in an instant, a slender blood-colored glow suddenly traversed the beginning of the Three Yuan Ji Zhen Realm at this moment!
This is the combination of the Hunyuan Method, the Hunyuan Method and the Blood Evil Dao, and it directly points to the supreme sutra of the spiritual void.
But in the Three Yuan Realm, this is the transformation and sublimation of the Blood Demon Dao!
The blood evil master!
Almost instantly, among the remote islands in the vast outer sea, those Xuesha Dao monks with withered breath and skinny bodies all heard and listened to the cold voice that resounded throughout the world and listened to the bejeweled words at this moment. The supreme maxims in it all showed expressions of depression and ecstasy.
/And almost the same, including the elders, as well as the golden elixir realm monks whose bodies were reflected in the sky, they all held their breath and concentrated at this moment, listening carefully to such a supreme sutra. , they have already felt the ethereal Taoist charm that belongs to the divine realm.
Therefore, I can best understand the noble realm that such charm points to, and hope that my own enlightenment on Taoism can help to break out of the barriers.
And like the witchcraft sect, like the sect of raising and refining the blood flower, at this time, after hearing the Dao Sutra, they almost showed an expression of ecstasy.
Before crossing over to Buddha practice, at this moment, with the help of Chu Weiyang’s book, the Jade Snake has already taken the first step and crossed over to the group of living beings.
And it was during this process