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ped. They must either resist here or abandon the mythical center and scatter.

With a “buzz” sound, the water basin was covered with dust, and the No. 3 center with its brilliant outline disappeared, as if it had been swallowed by something.
“Did something happen to it? The source of a myth was killed?” Even the supreme beings’ expressions turned stiff, making them all feel that a terrible event was taking place.
Mamoru shook his head and said, “No, No. 3 must have been blocked by something, blocking our view.”
With a brushing sound, light shone in the basin, and the outline of No. 3 reappeared. It was cut off from the path forward, and then seemed to change its path and escape into the distance.
After a moment, Ge spoke: “The footsteps are getting farther and farther.”
/Yun Ling showed a strange look and said: “No. 3 chased us all the way down, trying to hold us back? As a result, it was blocked in advance. Then, it had no choice but to change its path and fled far away.”
For the extraordinary people in Center 2, there is no better news than this. Their enemies are being chased and encountering disaster, which is what they want to see most.
Mamoru opened his mouth and said: “Given that the future is full of uncertainty and crises can come at any time, I suggest that the two myth centers immediately open Daoyun to each other.”
“I agree!” Yun Ling nodded immediately without hesitation.
The two sides took action, and a group of people including Shou and Ge returned to sort out the mysterious golden book and jade book. It was like the thread in the center of the myth, overlapping and overlapping. Now some restrictions were peeled off, allowing it to shine with incomparably powerful light towards the opposite side. The Tao Yun expanded. go out.
“Let’s talk ugly things in front of you. Neither of us can hide it, otherwise we will fall out!” said a supreme being.
The dazzling light flowing from the source of myth No. 2, with a strong Taoist rhyme, continues to surge towards this side.
The supreme beings and many celebrities, wizards, etc. all flew out of their respective mythical tides, sat cross-legged in the deep sky, and began to absorb the charm of the Tao and understand the rules on the opposite side.
A group of supreme beings are closer to the front, sitting quietly in the deep sky, comprehending different extraordinary sources, and their whole bodies are bathed in the peaceful Taoist rhythm.
Then came the groups of celebrities and direct disciples from various great monasteries. In the end, other extraordinary beings could no longer bear it and rushed out of the mythical tide.
There are more and more people, densely packed, and there are even bold extraordinary people who keep moving forward and approaching each other’s mythical tide.
“This is a rare opportunity, please take advantage of it!” The bosses of both sides personally reminded that it is rare for the two mythological centers to meet once for tens or hundreds of years.
/Not to mention, capturing the Tao charm of another mythical source in thi